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Premier Inn Luxury Pillows

Premier Inn Luxury Pillows

From our hotel to your home, rest easy with a pair of our new and improved Premier Inn pillows. Layers made from soft low denier hollowfibre and super-fine fibres create a plush, down-like filling and a long-lasting bounce back for a comforting night of ZZZs. What’s more, our quilted cotton-polyester protectors keep your pillows extra fresh and can be washed easily.


Split your payments in 3 with


Soft (550g)44cm76cm
Firm (800g)44cm76cm
With protector46cm78cm



Hollowfibre Filled

The hollowfibre filling makes the pillows plump and provides that extra comfort you are looking for while ensuring to keep you away from allergies and bacteria.

“We’re all on the lookout for the best pillow to suit our sleeping preference and there’s something about hotel pillow brands that feels particularly luxurious”

Our hollowfibre pillows are made from 100% Polyester with low denier fibres that provide soft and silky feeling.

Standard hollowfibre pillows have a much higher density in comparison to low denier hollowfibre filling. Low denier Hollowfibre pillows offer a superior sleep experience. Their lower density filling provides a soft and airy feel, promoting comfort and relaxation. With improved breathability, they prevent overheating, ensuring a cool and refreshing sleep. These pillows are perfect for those seeking a gentle, cushioned support that molds to the contours of the head and neck. Upgrade to low denier Hollowfibre for ultimate sleep indulgence.

If you are looking for a pillow that offers little resistance and is suitable for stomach sleepers, you should choose Soft pillows as they easily conform to your head and neck.  However, if you are looking for a pillow that offers adequate support to head, neck and back, and maintains its shape, you should choose Firm pillows.