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Who will be supplying my pillows?

Although you will be buying from Premier Inn, your contract for the purchase and supply will be with Sartex Quilts & Textiles LTD. Please make sure you have read out terms and conditions before placing your order.

What is the specification for the Premier Inn pillow?

Our pillows are made from 100% Polyester providing soft and silky feeling.

Dimensions: 76 x 44 cm
Soft Pillow: 550g
Firm Pillow: 800g

The pillows are sold in pairs and they come with two quilted poly-cotton pillow protectors featuring a zip at one end, they are easy to take on and off for machine washing.

What is the difference between standard hollowfibre pillows and low denier hollowfibre pillows?

Standard hollowfibre pillows have a much higher density in comparison to low denier hollowfibre filling. Low denier hollowfibre pillows offer a superior sleep experience. Their lower density filling provides a soft and airy feel, promoting comfort and relaxation. With improved breathability, they prevent overheating, ensuring a cool and refreshing sleep. These pillows are perfect for those seeking a gentle, cushioned support that molds to the contours of the head and neck. Upgrade to low denier hollowfibre for ultimate sleep indulgence.

Do the Premier Inn pillows contain foam?

No, Premier Inn pillows do not contain foam.

How are Microfiber Blend pillow different from others?

Premier Inn Microfiber Blend pillow contains 100% microfiber blend filling different from traditional hollowfiber filling used for the pillow. The microfiber blend fillings makes the pillows plump and provides that extra comfort you are looking for while ensuring to keep you away from allergies and bacteria.

How often should I replace my Premier Inn pillow?

We recommend replacing your Premier Inn pillow every 1-2 years. To extend the life span of your Premier Inn pillows, make sure you are using the pillow protectors that come with these pillows. Furthermore, as our pillows are machine washable, you should wash your Premier Inn pillow every 6 months at 40 degrees Celsius.

What are the care instructions for my Premier Inn pillow?

Please find the specific care instructions on the pillow label and packaging insert. All of our pillows and protectors are machine washable at 40 degree Celsius.

How long will it take to deliver my pillows?

We will aim to deliver your pillows within 3-5 working days.

I have a problem with my Premier Inn pillows, what do I do?

Sartex Quilts & Textiles provide a 6 month warranty on the Premier Inn pillows, to cover manufacturing faults and defects. If you suspect your pillows of having a fault, please refer to our Faulty Items policy in the Terms and Conditions, and contact Sartex’ customer services team as soon as you are able. 

How much does the Premier Inn pillow costs?

Premier Inn pillows are sold in set of two pillows along with 2 x pillow protectors. Each set costs £36.00 (Inc. VAT). You can choose between soft support pillow and firm support pillow.

When do I pay for the pillows?

You will be required to pay in full amount at the time of placing an order with us. You can pay by either debit card or credit card. If the payment is refused or reversed after dispatch of the pillows, Sartex Textiles & Quilts LTD has the right to request payment or recover the pillows from you.

Does Premier Inn pillows have any warranty?

All Premier Inn pillows come with 6 month manufacturer’s warranty.

I have a problem with my Premier Inn pillows, what do I do?

Your Premier Inn pillow comes with 6 months manufacturer’s warranty. If you suspect there’s something wrong with your pillow or find any visible faults/defects upon opening them, feel free to contact Sartex’ customer services team. You can also refer to out Faulty Items policy in Terms and Conditions.