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Can I Get the Premier Inn Bed Experience at Home?

Out of all the hotels available in the UK, a whopping 42% of Brits choose Premier Inn as their company of choice when a night away from home is required. Whether it is the brilliant customer service, convenient locations, or comfy bedrooms, it is clear to see that people of all ages love Premier Inn hotels.

Premier Inn bedding is often one of the first things that spring to mind when people think about what it is about this hotel chain that they love. When the people of TikTok realised that Premier Inn pillows were available, a 65% spike in sales occurred as people acted quickly to bring some hotel luxury into their humble homes.

With these gleaming and crisp bedrooms being highly popular, many customers wonder how to achieve a hotel finish within their bedrooms at home. Thanks to the collection now available from Premier Inn at Home, you can adorn any bedroom with high-quality items that are normally reserved for hotel guests. 

Keep reading to learn more about these comfort-enhancing products!

What Is So Special About Premier Inn Bedding?

Before we dive into the world of fluffy pillows, perfectly firm mattresses and sleep-inducing duvets, we have gathered the top reasons below why the Premier Inn bedding collection is so special.

  • All items are designed with high footfall in mind, which means they are made to last. From durable materials to professional stitching, every element offers brilliant longevity and value for money.
  • On the same theme, all products are created with hotel guests in mind, allowing for consideration of the wide range of needs they will have. From allergies to sleeping preferences, the collection encompasses all possible requirements.
  • Every item has also been created to be washed and maintained easily.
  • The same standard of quality runs throughout the entire collection, with every item featuring tailored considerations.
  • Every item looks chic, trendy and timeless making for a one-time investment now for years of guaranteed good sleep.
  • All bedding products have been created to alleviate issues. From protective mattress toppers that stop sweat from entering the internal materials to hollow fibre pillow fillings that eliminate dust mites, every component has been designed with the sleeping customer in mind.
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What Bedroom Products Does Premier Inn Sell?

You will be thrilled to know that an entire bedroom can be created using the Premier Inn at Home collection. Each item has its own merits and when used together, the sleep quality you will experience is almost immeasurable.


Shop Premier Inn at Home Beds Here.

To begin the formula of perfect sleep, you need a quality bed that is durable and stylish so that your bedroom ambience is spot on.

The three designs, Evana, Oriana, or Lilith, can be personalised using various design options to ensure you have a piece of furniture that suits your home styling perfectly. You can also select from a choice of fabric options and colours as well as selecting the bed frame legs that match the rest of your bedroom furniture. 

Premier Inn holds high importance in sustainability and ethical practices, which is reflected in the collection of beds in the form of recycled and ethically sourced materials. To give the final hotel a flourish of quality,  sturdy wooden slats and enhanced comfort are ensured, meaning that the perfect bed is just a few clicks away. All beds are available as a double, king or super king, and perfectly fitting mattresses can be chosen simultaneously for ease. 

The bed collection allows you to incorporate hotel styling into your home, one part of the hospitality experience that people adore.

Mattresses and Mattress Protectors

Shop Premier Inn at Home Mattresses and Mattress Protectors.

The next part of a quality bedroom that screams hotel elegance is a comfortable yet supportive mattress. 

To ensure the perfect night’s rest, a temperature-regulating surface layer has been included in the mattress design, which stops you from overheating. The breathable lining keeps you cool while maintaining the quality finish that Premier Inn is known for. 

Comfort is also ensured thanks to a cushioned yet perfectly firm surface featuring a unique gel layer. There is also a raised edge to the mattress, which provides extra support, maximising the usable space and giving a safety lip, so there is no chance of rolling out during the night. Additional features include a micro-pocket spring system, polyester finish, and pressure-tested surface to ensure the mattress is ideal for all needs.

Finding a suitable mattress for everyone is not easy, as everyone has different needs. The Premier Inn collection has been created to incorporate all design features into one product to meet all requirements. 

Pillows and Duvets

Shop Premier Inn at Home Pillows here and click here for duvets.

Last but not least is the final part of the hotel bedding formula: duvets and pillows. 

Hotel-quality pillows offer a high-quality sleeping experience and ideal support for all sleeping positions. Whether you are a side, front, back or all-the-mentioned positions sleeper, they account for all needs. Available in both soft and firm options, the Premier Inn pillows feature a hollow fibre filling, which allows for a breathable and comfortable finish. They are also made from durable polyester, which can be washed easily. Each pillow is also provided with a removable protector, a hotel-finishing touch many people skip out on when styling their bedrooms.

A choice of a 4.5 or 10.5 tog duvet is also available. Made from a highly breathable, 100% Polyester filling, the duvet is easy to care for as both machine washing and airing are made possible.

Does the Right Bedding Help You Sleep Better?

It is official: your bedding directly impacts how well you sleep.

While choosing the lowest price option may be tempting, can you put a cost on getting a good night’s rest? As a nation, we are not the best sleepers, with 36% of adults struggling to fall asleep at least once a week. While there are many things you should do to promote a good night’s rest, such as reducing screen time and getting plenty of exercise throughout the day, bedding does still have a big impact on things.

The right bedding promotes good physical health, with elements such as a supportive mattress and perfectly firm pillow allowing you to adopt the perfect posture for a good night’s rest. Breathable bedding also aids with temperature building and allergies, as sleeping conditions can be kept neutral and calm. 

Mentally, the right bedding can also do you wonders. Knowing that you have a hotel-quality bed ready and waiting for you to melt into at the end of a busy day will help immensely. Furthermore, being comfortable and feeling relaxed is imperative for achieving deep slumber. 

So before you start thinking of excuses to justify investing in new bedding, we can assure you it’s worth doing all in the name of sleep science! Plus you could always choose one of the Premier Inn at Home bundles which offers all of the essentials at a good price.

Does the Right Bedding Help You Sleep Better?

If you are now sold on having Premier Inn bedding adorning your bedroom at home, you will be thrilled to know the entire collection can be purchased from the Premier Inn at Home website!

As each item has been perfected over the years, you are not faced with many products. Instead, the edited collection boasts only the much-loved classics that have earned their stars as much-loved bedding options for thousands of previous hotel customers. 

Whether you want to choose one item or treat yourself to a hotel room experience at home, there is something for every requirement. No sleepers are left out! If you have any questions or want to learn more, click this link to contact the team of sleep experts.