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Top Tips to Reduce Neck & Upper Back Pain After Sleeping

Ever woken up feeling like you’ve “slept funny”? You’re not alone. This sleep gripe happens more than you might think across the UK – and it can be a real pain in the neck! Cheap bedding and awkward sleep positions are just two possible culprits of aches and pains in the morning.

We all want to wake up feeling well rested – in fact, our expert tips to optimise your sleep environment include understanding what conditions are best for quality rest and why our Premier Inn bedding is a great investment. Keep reading this article to discover tips on reduce neck & upper back pain after sleeping; say goodbye to morning aches and how to choose the right bedding for ultimate comfort.

Why Is Neck And Upper Back Pain Common After Sleeping?

Experiencing neck and upper back pain after sleep is common – many people across the nation deal with the issue daily. A lot of it comes down to laying in the wrong position for too long. Staying in an awkward position can cause issues for the ligaments, muscles, and joints. So it’s no surprise that during deep sleep – when your body remains in one position for a prolonged period of time – the wrong posture can lead to strain and discomfort.

Certain sleep positions are notorious for this, including stomach and side sleeping. When the spine isn’t correctly aligned, your body won’t be getting the right amount of support while resting. From adults to little ones, we all have different sleep styles and habits, so it’s important to do what we can to minimise the risk of injury.

What Are The Effects Of Neck And Back Pain During Sleep?

Top Tips to Reduce Neck & Upper Back Pain After Sleeping

A great night’s sleep is a gift, but suffering from pain during the night or in the morning can really impact the quality of your rest. Side effects include:

Poor Rest Cycle

Having the right environment for quality sleep is one of our top tips for sleep wellbeing. Without the right support, you’ll fall into a negative sleep cycle where your body doesn’t go through the four stages of rest, and you’ll start to notice the physical and mental side effects.

If you want to fall asleep fast and sleep well throughout the night, comfort is essential.

Physical Ailments

Issues that start as mild aches can result in long-lasting damage. Experiencing a pain in the upper back can mean that walking, exercising and lifting heavy items are all impacted. The longer the sleep discomfort, the worse the problems can be, so we always recommend making a change early on.

Negative Relationship With Your Sleep Environment

If you don’t associate your bed with a comfy place to relax in, this can lead to a poor mental link between your bedroom and rest. This can lead to other more serious issues such as insomnia and depression, impacting your health overall.

How Can You Reduce Neck & Upper Back Pain After Sleeping?

Improving your sleep environment is a great way to minimise the risk of neck and back pain. By following these hints and tips, you can start to alleviate any physical discomfort you feel when resting.

Choose the right bedding – Selecting comfortable bedding is essential for alleviating pain. Our luxurious Premier Inn pillows are great examples of this. Choosing the perfect pillow is essential for a good night’s sleep, and everyone needs different kinds of support. Choose between our soft and firm designs to suit your sleep style and postural needs. 

The right mattress can make a huge difference too. Your body relies on a supportive base while sleeping, and a quality mattress can improve upper neck positioning. Make it even comfier and more durable with a quality  mattress protector .

Stick to a relaxing evening routine – Going to bed feeling stressed can lead to a bad night’s sleep and increase your chance of aches and pains. If your body’s tensed up, you could fall asleep in a way that leaves your neck and upper back vulnerable. Try relaxing with a sleep tea, having a warm bath, doing a nighttime yoga routine and reading before the lights go off to help you unwind.

Don’t just jump out of bed – After your body has been in the same position for a number of hours, moving too much or too quickly early in the day can also cause injury. Even changing how you get out of bed can help reduce your chances of strain. Try gently turning to the edge of the bed in a seated position and planting your feet firmly on the ground before standing up. 

Consider medical intervention – Not all sleeping issues can be resolved with top tips. If you have an underlying physical condition, you may need to visit a physiotherapist or chiropractor for treatment. Over time, this support can help to strengthen the neck and upper back and reduce the risk of pain.

Try to avoid stomach sleeping – We know it can be hard to change your sleeping style, but sleeping on your front every night can lead to long-term aches and pains. To help train yourself to sleep in a different position, try padding pillows around your body while you rest to stop you from rolling over in the evening. 

Work on your posture – If you find yourself hunched over a desk or laying down on the sofa during the day, your body will already be suffering in terms of posture. Correcting your positioning can lessen the impact of joint and muscle pain. 

How To Select The Right Mattress To Reduce Pain

Top Tips to Reduce Neck & Upper Back Pain After Sleeping

Out of the top tips we’ve shared, perhaps the most important is investing in a high-quality mattress. Getting the right amount of support while you sleep is key for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Our popular mattresses are one of the main reasons that people sleep well away from home when they stay with us – we’ve designed them to be breathable, comfortable and supportive. We also always use a Premier Inn mattress protector, to add a little extra comfort, and expand the life span of the mattress itself. A quality mattress deserves a great mattress protector, after all!

When shopping for one of our mattresses, you can relax knowing that all the comfort and quality features you know and love are included in every design. All you need to do is select the right size for your bed and head to checkout. Our bedding bundles are a game changer for sleep too, designed to help you enjoy that hotel quality rest at home!