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Hacks for Your Dreamiest Sleep Ever

Hacks for Your Dreamiest Sleep Ever

Do you ever wake up from an amazing night’s sleep and wish you could rest like that every night? Good news – you can!

From making your bed comfier to helping you stay asleep through the night, here are some of our tips for how you can revitalise your bedroom to improve your sleep space. We’ll explore how many hours of sleep you should be getting, share why our Premier Inn bundles are a game changer for sleep and list some other advice for getting quality rest. 

Keep reading to learn what our expert tips for falling asleep fast are and our hacks for your dreamiest sleep ever.

How Much Sleep Does An Adult Need?

Hacks for Your Dreamiest Sleep Ever

One of our tips for sleep wellbeing is to first understand how much rest you should be getting. It’s an important starting point – if you know you’re not getting the right amount, then now’s a good time to look at the reasons why and make some changes.

Adults should get between seven and nine hours of sleep every night. Your body and mind need to go through all four stages of sleep to completely reset and refresh, ready for a new day. Each person is different so it’s normal to fluctuate, but if you’re getting much less sleep than the recommended amount, it could lead to long term sleep issues.  

Premier Inn At Home’s Top Tips For Dreamy Sleep

Whether you’re looking for tips for sleeping well away from home or advice on how you can enhance your own bedroom, this list should help! We think you deserve to feel comfy and supported each night, and well rested each morning. Check out these hacks to start improving your sleep!

  • Minimise distractions – Reduce any loud noises, limit using devices before bed and close your bedroom door. By eliminating the risk of anything interrupting your rest, you’ll sleep better.
  • Get the lighting right – A big part of a good night’s sleep is the ambience of a room, and lighting has a big impact. Choose soothing, warm lighting for the evening to help your body calm down and drift off. Also, it’s good to have a natural light source to wake up to. Try using a daylight lamp or leaving a small gap in your blind to let the morning light in.
  • Keep your bedding clean – One of the reasons that our Premier Inn bedding is key to a restful night’s sleep is because of design features such as hollowfibre fillings for airflow and our high quality materials. Keeping your bedding clean and fresh will not only help you sleep, but also maintain the quality of your products for longer.
  • Set the mood – Choose calming scents such as lavender, go for a neutral decor, and select a comfortable bed that offers a soothing and stylish focal point.
  • Choose the perfect pillow – Are you a fan of firm or soft pillows? No matter your preference, keeping your pillows plump and fresh will help you rest. Our luxurious Premier Inn pillows are ideal as they come in two styles – for front sleepers, soft pillows are best but for side sleepers, it’s good to select a firm option.
  • Keep rooms cool – If your room is too hot before you hop into bed, it’s likely that you’ll feel uncomfortable through the night. Keep things on the cooler side to ensure that even when your body heat rises during sleep, your rest isn’t interrupted. 
  • Create a relaxing evening routine – By starting to relax and unwind before your head hits the pillow, you’re sending signals to your brain that it’s nearly time to rest. Some ways to achieve this include having a warm drink, journaling and listening to guided meditations. 
  • Choose a good quality mattress – As well as our luxurious bedding collection, it’s also important to think about your mattress. By investing in a quality option, you’ll feel better supported and be more likely to drift into a deep sleep. Alongside a great mattress, we’d also recommend using a mattress protector to keeps things fresh.
  • Go to bed at the same time – Sticking to a routine will mean you’re naturally telling your body clock when to rest. This helps you sleep better as your body will start to release chemicals that promote deep sleep. 
  • Don’t eat your dinner too close to bedtime – Having a full stomach will impact your sleep as your body is trying to digest food when it should be concentrating on resting. To sleep well, you should have eaten at least four hours before going to bed.
  • Keep your magnesium levels high – Magnesium helps the body enjoy deep sleep, so if your levels are low, getting quality slumber will be harder. Adding magnesium rich foods to your diet and taking a supplement about 30-minutes before rest will make a big difference. 

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Good Quality Sleep?

Hacks for Your Dreamiest Sleep Ever

Now that you know more about optimising your sleep environment, let’s dive into some of the other benefits of getting a good night’s sleep. When you sleep better, adults and kids alike will start to feel the benefit in everyday life.

Better Mental Health

Sleeping well at night will make you feel better in the day and improve your concentration levels. Your mind benefits from being able to reset fully, from more positive moods to being able to interpret information more easily. 

Lowered Risk Of Heart Disease And Diabetes

Not getting enough rest can lead to a wide range of health conditions, including heart problems. This is because while you sleep, your heart rate drops considerably, allowing the body to recover from the previous day. If you’re constantly on the go and dealing with high blood pressure, your body is unable to get the proper support and recovery it needs.

Manage Body Weight Effectively

Getting quality rest can also help you stay in shape, as sleeping properly means your body has enough energy to burn off any extra calories the next day. Also, many studies show a negative link between a lack of sleep and overeating – the body has no choice but to crave energy from other sources. If you get enough rest, you’ll find that your appetite stabilises.

How To Choose The Best Bedding For Dreamy Sleep?

By making some simple changes and following these hacks, you can start enjoying the gift of sleep night after night.

Why not enhance your sleep space with our bedding? From choosing the perfect pillow for a great night’s sleep to protecting your investment with a mattress protector, our collection lets you enjoy hotel-quality sleep every night!

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