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When Should You Replace Your Pillows?

If your once-plump pillow is starting to resemble a pancake after years of use, it might be time for a replacement! Thanks to our experience designing products like our luxurious Premier Inn pillows, we can share some top tips on pillow maintenance to help you sleep better.

Keep reading to learn how to tell when your pillow is due an upgrade, pick up some tips for maintaining this bedding staple, and find out how to buy our Premier Inn pillows for your home.

Why Do Pillows Need To Be Replaced?

Nothing lasts forever. Even after selecting the perfect pillow for a great night’s sleep, all products will eventually lose plumpness over time due to day to day deterioration.

When pillows start to lose their intended shape, problems such as neck pain and lack of sleep can start to arise. Over time, pillow padding will start to become compressed, the design can lose its shape, and permanent stains may become an issue.

Sleeping with a pillow not fit for purpose will lead to a poor sleep experience, and potentially injuries over time. The best advice we can give is to keep track of the age of a pillow and ensure you swap it out before it deteriorates too much. 

How Often Do Pillows Need To Be Replaced?

When Should You Replace Your Pillows

Knowing when to replace your pillow depends on two factors: the age and the condition. We often get asked what bedding we use in our Premier Inn hotels and how are the beds always so comfy. Our dedicated housekeeping teams pay close attention to the quality of our items to ensure older bedding accessories are retired when needed. 

There are signs of wear and tear to look for, alongside understanding the lifespan of a pillow. Of course, items will last longer if they’re not being used day to day, like guest room pillows for example.

The type of pillow you have will impact how often it needs to be swapped out. Memory and polyfoam pillows have a slightly longer lifespan and can last between two and three years. This is because the structure is designed to be firmer and kept in one shape, with more resistance offered against the sleeper’s weight. Feather, down and hollow fibre pillows can last between one and three years – the filling becomes less aerated over time, which happens when lighter weight fibres are compressed. 

Our advice? Stick to replacing pillows every two years to ensure you’re getting the right support. Every sleep style requires a different type of pillow, and when you select the right one and maintain it properly, you’ll sleep better. We offer Premier Inn bedding and pillows in a range of designs to ensure that every sleep style can be accommodated. Our pillows are also designed to last longer and be easy to care for.

Signs That You Need to Invest In New Pillows

If you’re unsure about when you purchased your pillows, or if you’ve noticed a dip in your quality of sleep, chances are a new pillow should be on your shopping list. Below we’ve gathered some of the tell-tale signs that your pillow needs changing.

Neck Or Upper Back Pain

One of the main reasons that choosing the right pillow for your sleep style is important is comfort. Whether you prefer firm or soft pillows, pain is common when the spine isn’t aligned correctly from the old pillows. If you’re experiencing discomfort in these areas, it’s a sign your pillow isn’t providing ample support.

Loss Of Padding

Is your pillow flat or bumpy? You may need a replacement. If you can feel the mattress through the pillow or if the pillow stays in a contorted shape when you fold it, the padding is no longer offering the correct level of support. This means that the fibres have become compressed over time, which will provide less comfort and become less hygienic due to the build-up of sweat and dirt.

The reason that we offer a number of pillows in a Premier Inn room is to give guests a selection. But at home, if you’re starting to stack more and more pillows together, it’s probably time for a new plump pillow. 

General Condition

Lastly, if the pillow is discoloured or has stitches coming loose, it’s time for a replacement. Always be sure to check the pillow itself when changing your bedding for any signs of wear or tear.

Tips For Pillow Care

  • Allow pillows to air between changing sheets – this will reinvigorate the filling. You can do this by opening a window or just leaving time between removing a case and adding a new one.
  • Wash pillows every six months, or more often if there are stains.
  • Always use a pillowcase to provide an extra layer of protection and maintain your pillow’s quality for longer.
  • Use fabric sprays to keep pillows fresh between cleans.
  • Rotate your pillows regularly to divide the wear and tear.

How To Buy Pillows From Premier Inn At Home

Replacing your pillows every couple of years is an important investment to make. Otherwise, it can lead to discomfort and long-lasting damage. The pillows that we use and sell at Premier Inn are designed to last longer thanks to features such as robust stitching, hollow fibre fillings and durable materials. You can enjoy these benefits from all our designs, from soft to firm. 

You can buy our Premier Inn pillows online with speedy delivery available across the UK. As well as plump pillows, we also sell comfy bedding including mattresses and duvets. So, if you’ve ever wanted to take home the duvets we use at our Premier Inn hotels , now you can!

If your pillow has lost its plumpness, don’t put off getting a replacement. Simply shop our collection of hotel-quality pillows!