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Our Expert Sleep Tips: Sleep Wellbeing

Our Expert Sleep Tips: Sleep Wellbeing Tips from Expert Natalie Pennicotte-Collier

After such a challenging few years, getting a good night’s sleep and feeling well-rested has never been so important. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our Sleep Wellbeing Expert Natalie Pennicotte-Collier to help you get a great night’s sleep with some helpful tips and healthy habits.

Welcome, I’m Natalie the Premier Inn Sleep Wellbeing Expert. Together, we have your best sleep in mind. Our mission is to support the nation to sleep better and wake up wonderful, helping you learn more about your sleep so you can rest easy and take the stress away.

We want to make it easy for you to learn about the impact of sleep wellbeing; the small positive habits and behaviour changes you can focus on that can really help protect your sleep health and boost wellbeing for body and mind.

You already know Premier Inn have super comfy beds and pillows to support your sleep. But did you know we also have a lot of new sleep wellbeing content designed with you in mind?

Taking the stress out of your sleep

We recognise that due to the challenges of the last few years, it’s only natural that your sleep habits may have changed. Getting back into a regular, healthy sleep pattern is so important for our physical and mental wellbeing.

These small steps can make a big difference to strengthening your sleep.

Sleep Step 1: Reset your wake-up time and choose it everyday

Sleep Wellbeing action

  • Choose to strengthen your body clocks by getting into the sleep wellbeing habit of waking up at the same time every day.
  • Regular, good quality sleep = regular wake-up time.
  • Did you know a more regular wake-up time is key for your sleep quality and mental wellbeing? You can help your sleep further by also choosing a regular bedtime.

Sleep Step 2: Make sure you get regular morning daylight

Sleep Wellbeing action

  • Are you outside for an hour before midday? Choosing to simply move or take your daily exercise outside ideally before midday helps your sleep health.
  • Did you know that going outside in the morning every day and experiencing powerful daylight (not indoor light) actually helps you sleep better in the evening? Even 30 minutes really helps you strengthen your body clocks, protecting your sleep quality and duration.

Sleep Step 3: Regulate your room like Premier Inn

Sleep Wellbeing action

  • #PillowTalk – when was the last time you changed your pillows (or mattress)? It’s no secret that our super comfy beds are a huge hit with guests.
  • Just like at your favourite Premier Inn hotel, the best science led way to improve your sleep is by starting with your bedroom. Spring forward your sleeping environment and simplify your bedroom. Remember – cooler and darker. Make your room darker by eliminating any light and turning down the heat by choosing to keep your room cool, helping you to achieve a better-quality sleep. It’s just as important to use comfortable, breathable bedding, too.

Sleep Step 4: Make time for your ‘Premier’ Rest & Recovery

Sleep Wellbeing action

  • If your ZoomedOut but serious about your sleep health, then it’s important to reset your pandemic coping habits for a healthier bedtime. Some top tips are to spend the next 7 days choosing to enter your ‘Recovery Zone’, prepare yourself for quality sleep success, set a pre sleep time, and really commit to it.
  • And don’t forget to Stop the Scroll and pause on technology a few hours before bed. It’s simple but works quickly and effectively. We know that small screens and tech blue light disrupts melatonin production, so find the right time to really switch off and unwind in the dim and darker lit evening.

Sleep Step 5: Slow down | Don’t stress your sleep

Sleep Wellbeing action

  • Our sleep expert Natalie is a trained Mindfulness Practitioner and Thought leader for sleep meditation. We’ve designed an audio clip for you to listen to and begin your journey to training your mind to unwind before bed. We know sometimes stress can often kick in right before bedtime, so it’s important to slow down and really acknowledge some of our worries.

Sleep meditation

You can really improve your sleep habits and learn to be kind to your mind by starting a sleep meditation or breathing practice. Simple, effective ways to create a stress reducing routine, your way. It’s important, now more than ever, that we acknowledge healthy sleep’s starring role in maintaining a healthy immune system, brain health, energy and good mood (to name just a few of the many benefits from sleeping well).

Ideally seven hours a night for adults, but teens and babies need much more.

We all know that we can actively reduce our stress with fresh air, movement and slowing down with a daily habit of at least 10 minutes of stress reduction.

So, what 10-minute Sleep Well change are you going to make to relax your mind for a better sleep? Bedtime Yoga? Stretching? Breathwork, Audio clips or reading a book?

Taking just 10 minutes to practice mindfulness and sleep meditations can be really effective for sleep, and with over 30 years-worth of research supporting the importance of mindfulness for stress reduction, it’s time to makeover your bedtime habits this spring with Premier Inn.