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What Bedding Does Premier Inn Use?

What Bedding Does Premier Inn Use

We all love a night away in a hotel – let’s face it, you can’t beat that feeling of snuggling down into crisp white sheets for the night. According to the National Sleep Foundation1, 64% of adults believe that sleep makes them more effective the next day, it’s clear that we’re a nation of sleep lovers. Adults who don’t get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep per night are more likely to experience low mood, decreased mental sharpness and low productivity. 

Thanks to Premier Inn at home, you can now bring that hotel feeling to your bedroom with our range of premium bedding solutions. From fluffy pillows with the perfect firmness to our super-comfy mattress, we’ve got plenty of choice.

Keep reading to find out what makes our Premier Inn bedding so popular! 

What Makes Premier Inn Bedding So Special?

All our items have been specially designed to ensure a great night’s sleep. Thanks to our durable, top-quality materials, our bedding isn’t just built to last, but designed to keep that hotel-like feeling for longer.

We also craft our bedding in a way to help combat common sleep issues, from soothing achy muscles to achieving the ideal sleep temperature.

It doesn’t just feel luxurious, but it looks it too, with plump finishes that make it hard not to jump straight back into bed once you make it in the morning.

All items are machine washable, letting you keep that brand-new bedding feeling for a long time.

Thanks to its durability, our bedding also provides brilliant value for money.

A range of options are available to help you create the perfect sleep environment at home. 

What Bedding Is Premier Inn Famous For?

Whether you invest in a complete Premier Inn bedding bundle or just want to add one little bit of luxury, there’s something for everyone. Hotel beds always feel comfier than your own at home, but just what is it that makes Premier Inn beds and bedding so famous?

Comfy mattresses

Research suggests that sleeping on a good mattress can improve the quality of sleep2, and we couldn’t agree more – it’s one of the reasons why we make our Premier Inn beds so comfortable. They all feature the signature base – essential for sleeping deeply – available in every size from single to super king. We ensure that all our rooms include a quality mattress so that our guests get to rest easy when staying with us. 

Our mattresses are all about comfort, quality and durability. They feature a temperature-regulating sleep surface which keeps you cool all night, providing ideal sleep conditions and ensuring that sweat is not being produced as much, minimising the build-up of bacteria in your bedding. 

An innovative edge-to-edge support design has also been integrated to give you more room to sleep. No more rolling off the bed or feeling uncomfortable, even if you’re pushed to the edge! Plus, to make it easier to move around until you find that perfect spot, a gel layer is also included in the lining. This ensures no more creaky springs when you’re trying to settle.

Also crucial to any great mattress is a topper. You can select a separate mattress protector or refresh the in-built option quickly with any of our Premier Inn mattresses, which simply zips on and off.

Shop for Premier Inn mattresses here

Soft pillows

It’s no coincidence that Premier Inn pillows always hit the mark when it comes to comfort. That’s because we’ve perfected our unique design to ensure everyone’s needs are met. Fun fact, the sales of our Premier Inn pillows spiked by 65% after a viral TikTok posted by a happy customer a few years ago, which just goes to show how many people love being able to bring some hotel comfort home!

Our Premier Inn pillows are all made from a hollow fibre design, which reduces the risk of allergies and keeps them fresher for longer. Finished with 100% polyester, they’re also easy to wash and – of course – super comfy. Their fibre build offers sleepers the perfect firmness that we all know and love, a bouncy yet firm finish supporting the head and neck.

Our pillows are also finished with a quilted protector to enhance softness and sleep quality.

Shop Premier Inn pillows here

Cosy duvets

Premier Inn also pays special attention to the duvets on offer.

After listening to guest feedback, we found that duvets with a tog rating of 4.5 or 10.5 created the best conditions for a great night’s sleep.  This is because your body temperature can increase and decrease through the night, no matter the time of year.3 Thanks to these optimal tog weights though, you’ll never feel too hot or too cold. 

Like the pillows, our duvets are made from a hollow fibre and microfibre design, which reduces allergies, lets your bedding breathe, and allows the perfect weighting to help you sleep. 

Our Premier Inn duvets are also designed to be washed or dry cleaned easily – cleanliness is key to long-lasting bedding! 

Shop for Premier Inn duvets here

High-quality beds

We couldn’t talk about creating the perfect Premier Inn at home experience without mentioning our bed!

As well as looking stylish, our Premier Inn beds are made to last thanks to their robust design and construction. Each bed is easy to assemble, comes with secure fixings, and offers a sturdy, lasting frame.

Top it all off with your luxury duvet, comfy pillows and the perfect mattress and you can look forward to years’ worth of quality sleep. 

Shop Premier Inn beds here

Tips for Maintaining Your Bedding

Our Premier Inn bedding has been designed to last, with easy-to-wash fabrics and airy designs that help prevent deterioration. 

Follow these tips to keep that ‘new bed feeling’ for even longer!

Wash your items regularly and ensure everything is left to dry completely before returning them to your bed.

Let your mattress air regularly.

Use a top sheet or cover your duvet if you have pets that like to get comfy on your bed during the daytime.

Don’t forget to plump your pillows and duvet whenever you make the bed.

Use fabric freshening and cleaning products between washes to kill bacteria and keep things smelling lovely.

Does Good Bedding Improve the Quality of Your Sleep?

Yes, it does!

Studies conducted by the Sleep Foundation4, show that your bedroom environment is important for sleep and therefore has an impact on your mental and physical health. This includes the light, noise level, temperature and comfort you experience each night in your sleep space. The study puts great emphasis on choosing good quality bedding for a great night’s sleep.

Physically, the right bedding can soothe ailments and reduce the chance of new injuries. Having enough space to stretch out is key too, as restriction can cause poor posture.

Mentally, knowing you have a little touch of luxury at home makes a huge difference. Look forward to a sense of calm when you rest your head on that perfectly firm pillow and wrap yourself in a cosy duvet. 

This is one of the main reasons why we take such great care in our hotels and our sleep products. Well-rested people are generally happier, healthier, and more positive, and we want you to make the most of every day.

Where Can You Purchase Premier Inn Bedding?

If you love the feeling of Premier Inn bedding, good news! Everything is available to buy on our website!

Invest in some hotel-quality beds and bedding for your home and enjoy that hotel sleep every night of the week.

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