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What Duvets Does Premier Inn Use?

Is there anything like wrapping yourself in a cosy duvet after a busy day?

With so many options available in stores and online, choosing the right duvet can be challenging. Duvets that promise ‘a hotel quality experience’ are among some of the most popular, as products featured within hospitality are generally regarded as the best. That’s one of the reasons that we launched Premier Inn at home – to offer guests and customers the same top-quality bedding that they’ve come to know and love in our hotels. 

Keep reading to find out what goes into making a great duvet, and why they provide such a great night’s sleep. 

What Duvets Are Used by Premier Inn?

Our Premier Inn duvets have been expertly designed by Sartex Quilts & Textiles Ltd to offer the ultimate comfort night after night. Made from allergy-resistant materials that can be washed and cared for easily, our duvets are a great long-term investment thanks to their durability. 

One of the reasons why people love the Premier Inn duvet is the quality. A comfy, high-quality piece of bedding to help you drift off every night is important for your mental and physical health. Our brilliant bedding is one of the things we’re most known for across the UK, so we take a lot of pride in maintaining that same comfort and quality across our products. 

What Are the Features of Premier Inn Duvets?

Choice of Different Togs

We’ve designed our bedding to help alleviate common bedtime woes, including feeling too hot or too cold during the night. Our duvets are available in a summer-friendly 4.5 tog or a snuggly 10.5 tog.

A duvet that doesn’t regulate body temperatures in bed can be detrimental to the quality of your sleep, so make sure you do your tog research!  

Microfibre blend filling

Duvets need to be breathable yet cosy, which is why we use hollowfibre fillings.

This unique blend keeps the duvet plump and comfortable without making it too heavy. The filling also helps reduce the build-up of dust, germs and bacteria, a key factor for us when designing hotel bedding.

Durable 100% polyester

Polyester materials are durable, heat resistant, and safer to use for many allergy sufferers.

They can also be washed and dried easily. Polyester is soft, providing a comfortable feel that promotes deep sleep. The good news is that the smooth finish also helps when you’re changing duvet covers – we know what a struggle that can be!

To make the design even more durable, each duvet features a straight channel stitching pattern and overlocked edges, maintaining the structure’s strength even in the wash.

Available in various sizes

Sizing is key when choosing the right duvet. Our Premier Inn duvets can be purchased as a single, double, king, or super king, so finding the right fit for your bed couldn’t be easier!

Our Premier Inn duvets fit all standard beds perfectly, so you won’t be fighting for the covers every night!

Why Is Choosing the Right Duvet Important?

From a weighting perspective, choosing the best tog will keep you toasty or cool, depending on the season. With 40% of adults struggling to sleep without the weather being a factor, the last thing people want is to have another stress factor thrown into the mix.

Natural and airy fillings are important for many reasons, including sleep quality and allergies. If you struggle with drifting off, the right duvet could be the difference between getting a good night’s rest and missing out on those valuable zzz’s.

Choosing the right duvet also benefits your bank balance – investing in top quality bedding means you’re buying a luxurious product that’s built to last, rather than a cheaper alternative that isn’t.

The sustainability of our products is very important to us too – when it comes to recycling, it’s kinder on our planet if the bedding isn’t made from harmful materials.

Then there’s the maintenance of your duvet. Washing such a bulky item can be a pain, it’s essential to keep your bedding clean. Duvets made from quality materials with robust stitching and easy-drying filling will be much easier to care for.

Does Premier Inn Sell Their Duvets?

If you want to get your hands on a Premier Inn duvet, you’re in luck! You can shop our entire bedding collection here.

Prices start from just £30, and you can even choose to split your payment into three monthly instalments thanks to Klarna. There’s also a buy now, pay later option and free UK mainland delivery!

What Are the Care Instructions for Premier Inn Duvets?

All our duvets are machine washable at 40°, which can be done at home. They should always be left to dry completely before being used again – for the best results, leave the duvet to air dry outside.

You only need to wash your duvet every few months, but you should allow it to air thoroughly at least once a week or every two weeks when changing the bedding. Any damp areas can be dried, and the fibre filling can return to its original plump state.

Top it all off with a stylish duvet cover for added protection and cleanliness. Plus, if you’ve got a spare duvet that isn’t being used currently, you can pop it back in its storage bag to keep it protected for its next use.

Can I Buy All Bedding From Premier Inn?

Premier Inn is well known for our cosy duvets and bedding, which can all be purchased from the Premier Inn at home website.

It doesn’t stop there either! The foundation of any great sleep is a great bed. With three stylish designs available, you can pick the option that best suits your style. The beds are also customisable, so you can ensure they’re a perfect fit for your bedroom.

You can also buy our super-comfy, body-supporting mattresses and mattress protectors. Offering the perfect firmness, design features to enhance comfort, and easy-to-clean materials, you can look forward to hotel-quality sleep night after night.

Last but not least are our viral Premier Inn pillows, available in soft and firm options. Enjoy hotel luxury every night thanks to the comfy materials, durable structure and hollow fibre.

Product bundles are also available to give your bedroom a complete revamp!

To learn more about the duvet collection or any of our other Premier Inn at home bedding products, click here to contact our team. Bring that hotel comfort home with you!