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Revitalise Your Bedroom With Our Expert Tips for a Dreamy Sleep Environment

Ever feel surprised if you get a good night’s rest? Even though we all need sleep to function, getting the right amount of it every night isn’t always easy. If you’re among the 20% of people lacking a proper night’s sleep most evenings, it’s time to consider an MOT for your sleep routine.

Our mission at Premier Inn at Home is to make hotel luxury available to everyone through our brilliant bedding options. If you want to experience a great night’s sleep every evening, keep reading to learn how you can create a dreamy sleep environment to help you get some rest.

How Important Is Your Sleep Environment?

Let’s start by understanding why your bedroom setup is so important. Your sleep environment plays a crucial role in determining the quality of your sleep – several factors can impact your ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and actually feel well rested. Studies have found that people sleep better when their bedroom is optimised for rest.

With the right sleep environment, you can fall asleep fast and experience deep slumber through REM sleep. 

What Do You Need to Consider to Ensure Your Bedroom Is Optimised for Sleep?

If you’re ready to reclaim your bedroom for a great night’s sleep, consider the following factors. Everything from the right bedding to the right temperature matters.

  • Temperature Heat preference changes depending on the person, but generally an ideal bedroom temperature is between 16-18°C. Anything too cold or hot will cause you to experience discomfort, which will impede your sleep. 
  • Design Bedrooms should have a calming decor and layout that promotes rest and sleep. This includes minimising clutter, using calming colours, keeping decoration to a minimum and ensuring that the bed’s position is free from cold draughts. By creating a space that feels calm, you’ll be helping yourself wind down before bedtime.
  • Sound Noise can greatly affect your sleep, so try to limit any unwanted sounds where possible. This could be through something as simple as good quality window coverings or by playing a calming piece of music at night. The mind is receptive to sound even while sleeping, so getting the ambience right largely depends on the noise.
  • Light Exposure A good sleep environment needs to have the right lighting. A calming, low ambience in the evening and a brighter light in the morning to help you wake up. If you have a room that lets in lots of light, try using an eye mask.
  • Bedding Last but not least is choosing the right bedding to create a dreamy sleep space. Your bedding should be comfortable but also breathable to ensure you sleep well.

The Best Bedding Set-Ups For Dreamy Sleep

Getting your bedding right is the best way to enhance the quality of your sleep space. After years of listening to guest feedback, our collection is ideal for adding a bit of hotel luxury to any bedroom. 

When choosing the right bedding for deep sleep, there are a few key factors to consider. 

Firstly, make sure the bedding matches the season. For example, our duvets are available in both summer and winter togs, which means you can tailor your setup depending on the weather. Also, ensure that items like your duvet and mattress protector are the right size for your bed. Choosing something too large or small could affect your sleeping environment and cause discomfort!

Another key to choosing the right bedding is to select the pillow type that suits your sleeping style. Whether you’re a side, front, back or all-of-the-above sleeper, choosing between a firm or soft pillow will impact how well you sleep. If you sleep on your back but have a firm pillow, you’re more likely to suffer from neck pain. By investing in the right pillows, you can look forward to a much better quality of sleep.

It’s not just the bedding that affects sleep but also the bed and mattress. Make sure you choose items that offer all the comfort, breathability and style you need to get the sleep you deserve each night.

Choosing cheap quality or poorly made bedding will lead to sleep disruption, so for the best night’s sleep every night, invest in your rest with top quality products.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Premier Inn Bedding?


One of the ways that our bedding enhances sleep is breathability. Allowing air to flow through the materials and fillings helps control temperatures, reduce allergic reactions, and maintain quality. By reducing the chance of dust or moisture from building up in the bedding, our products also feel new for longer. 

Long-Lasting Materials

From hollowfibre and microfibre fillings to 100% polyester and cotton outer casings, we only use the best materials in our products. This ensures they cater to a wide range of people and can be cared for easily. No bedding lasts forever, but when you choose a high-quality option, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep for longer. 

Our items were designed to maintain their quality throughout regular deep washes in our hotels, so you can be confident knowing you’re investing in products that are built to last.

Elevated Comfort

Finally, a great night’s sleep always comes down to comfort!

Thanks to our breathable materials, fillings can feel good as new again from something as simple as leaving an item to air in front of an open window. Fresh bedding and sleep environments are essential for rest. Our gel-lined mattresses, quilted protectors and pillow options are all designed for ultimate comfort too.

Where to Purchase Premier Inn at Home Bedding

All the bedding items you’ll need to enjoy a dreamy night’s sleep are available on our Premier Inn at Home website. Available to buy as individual items or as part of our cost-effective bundles, we’ve used our sleep expertise to create the bedding of your dreams.

Revitalising your bedroom doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul. Something as simple as investing in a new set of pillows ideal for your sleeping style has the power to improve your sleep experience.

So, for a great sleep every night, check out our collection of hotel-quality bedding products – the only problem you’ll have is leaving your bed in the morning!