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What Mattress Protector Does Premier Inn Use?

You know that feeling of diving into a Premier Inn bed, knowing you’ve got a great night’s sleep ahead of you? Well, now you can experience that same feeling at home thanks to our super-comfy Premier Inn at home products, including our luxury mattress protector.

Good quality mattress protectors are usually made out of polyester and cotton, and they often have a waterproof and breathable quality to them too. At Premier Inn, our luxury mattress protectors are just one of the elements that make you go ‘ahhhh’. Invest in your sleep environment and wellbeing with hotel-quality products you can enjoy at home, night after night.

What Does a Mattress Protector do?

A mattress protector serves multiple purposes and has become the go-to bed accessory for comfort and mattress protection. As the name suggests, mattress protectors will protect and extend the life of your mattress. Alongside their protective qualities, mattress protectors promote better hygiene and comfort, help prevent allergens and bed bugs, and introduce an extra layer between you and your mattress for added stain resistance.

The Key Benefits of Using a Mattress Protector

Not convinced yet? Here are the key benefits of using a mattress protector like our luxury Premier Inn mattress protector from Premier Inn at home.

  • Extra protection for your mattress from stains, sweat, spills, dust mites, and allergens as it acts as a barrier.
  • Helps maintain a clean and hygienic sleep environment as it helps to prevent a build-up of dust and dirt.
  • Easy to remove and clean. Act as a blocker for allergens and irritants, giving you a better night’s sleep.
  • Extends the longevity of your mattress as it helps to prevent general wear and tear, keeping your mattress in good condition for longer.
  • Good quality mattress protectors like our Premier Inn mattress protectors are designed to enhance comfort by providing an extra layer of cushioning between you and the mattress.
  • Mattress protectors protect your mattress from accidents, therefore keeping your mattress fresher for longer.

Mattress protectors are great for not only preserving the quality of your mattress but also providing additional comfort, helping you get a great night’s sleep.

Premier Inn at home Mattress Protectors

If you’ve stayed in one of our Premier Inn hotels recently, you’ll know just how comfy and relaxing our beds are. Now, you can take the feeling of our Premier Inn room home with you by purchasing one of our luxury beds and a Premier Inn mattress!

If you’re investing in a better sleep routine with a new bed and mattress, don’t forget to top it all off with a mattress protector and really get the most out of your Premier Inn at home experience.

From our hotel to your home, you can rest easy with our luxurious mattress protector. Made from a waterproof, breathable cotton and polyester blend, the life of your mattress will be well looked after with the highest quality level of diamond quilted padding. The polycotton cover fabric makes the mattress protectors provide the extra comfort and allergen prevention you’re looking for, as well as protecting your mattress.

Our luxury mattress protectors have diamond quilted detailing, not just for decoration but for added comfort. They’re also identical to the ones used in our hotels, allowing you to experience Premier Inn quality every night. Our mattress protectors are available in single, double, kingsize and super kingsize.

Experience It All With Premier Inn at Home

At Premier Inn, we’re on a mission to help the nation sleep well. That’s why we’ve made it even easier to recreate the hotel feeling at home with our luxury bundles that give you need to overhaul your bedroom, and rest easy night after night.

Our bundles include a mattress protector, a set of two pillows and a luxury duvet, all of which are identical to the ones we use in our Premier Inn hotels. The luxury duvets are cosy, breathable and soft to the touch. They’re made from a comfy blend of microfibre and hollowfibre to give you the perfect balance of warmth and weightlessness. They are available to buy in a 4.5 tog (perfect for summer) or a 10.5 tog to enjoy the ultimate sleep comfort all year round.

Why Choose Premier Inn Mattress Protectors?

Using a mattress protector is all about getting the most out of your mattress by increasing its longevity, which saves you money in the long run. Now you know what mattress protectors we use in our Premier Inn hotels and how they provide you with the ultimate comfort and confidence in a good night’s sleep, why look elsewhere?

To experience that same level of comfort and relaxation without even having to leave your front door, invest time in yourself and your sleep wellbeing and head over to our Premier Inn at home website.

If you have any questions about our products, please get in touch – we’re here to help!  

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