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What Pillows Do Premier Inn Use?

What Pillows Do Premier Inn Use

Our Premier Inn rooms are known and loved by sleepers for our comfy, high-quality beds and bedding. If you’ve ever stayed in one of our hotels, you’ll know all about our luxurious pillows.

Perfectly plump, comfy, and long-lasting – what more could you want?

From a survey by the Sleep Foundation, 91% of people say that a comfortable pillow is important to them1, it’s easy to see why people love buying our signature pillows from the Premier Inn at home website. Keep reading to find out more about what makes them so special!

What type of pillows does Premier Inn use?

Premier Inn has designed and created its signature pillow, the same you’ve come to know and love in our 800+ hotels. Produced in conjunction with Sartex, the pillows have been specially designed with comfort and quality in mind. 

Our Premier Inn pillows were created to be comfortable, durable and easy to wash. As they were crafted to be used in our hotels, hygienic materials that are more resistant to bacteria were key to our pillow design. 

Our Premier Inn pillows are characterised by the following:

Hollow and Fine Fibres – Ever wondered how hotel pillows have the perfect firmness? Here’s your answer!

Using fine fibres means a firm yet soft experience, ensuring bounce back after every use. The benefit of hollow fibres is that they don’t retain dust or other nasties, which can affect people with allergies. 

This structure also means that sweat or other residues can be aerated and washed away without negatively impacting the pillow. Another benefit is that these pillows help keep you cool – breathable bedding helps reduce the temperature throughout the night.

These materials help make our pillows a brilliant option to use all year long, eliminating the need to buy new bedding when the season changes. 

Cotton-Polyester Protectors – Cotton and polyester are known for being easy to maintain, comfortable to use, and washable. 

All our Premier Inn pillows include these materials to enhance comfort and longevity. Both materials are also highly absorbent, meaning that sweat or dampness can be retained in the protective layer and not soak through into the pillow’s interior.

Fine Threads – Maintaining structural integrity is also a sign of high-quality pillows like ours.

The super fine threads reduce the chance of snagging and ensure a tight finish that protects the pillow’s interior. 

What are the benefits of Premier Inn pillows?


They offer an affordable solution that lasts years without losing that new pillow feeling.

£36 for two pillows with pillow protectors is a great investment for quality pillows and a better night’s sleep. 

You can take your pick between firm or soft pillows – don’t worry, both feature our signature hotel comfort. 

Our pillows are hypoallergenic and resistant to germs, thanks to the breathable fibres and materials. 

They can be washed easily.

Premier Inn pillows can be purchased online and delivered quickly.

Why do Premier Inn pillows help you sleep better?

A comfy bed finished with our much-loved signature pillows will help anyone sleep better because:


Breathable bedding is great for reducing allergic reactions. Many people suffer from allergies that are triggered by dust particles and dust mites in the bed2. If your bedding is breathable, dirt and mites are less likely to build up inside a pillow, meaning your allergies are less likely to flare up in the night, allowing you a peaceful night’s sleep.

Breathable bedding is also important for helping maintain a comfortable temperature during the night, which results in a better night’s sleep. Additionally, sweat can’t dampen the interior fibres, keeping the internal structure fresh and airy. 

Perfect firmness

Sleeping on the wrong pillow can wreak havoc on your sleeping pattern. 

Choosing a pillow that best suits your comfort needs is key. Whether you’re a fan of soft and supple or firm and robust, you’ll find an option for you. 

When you have the right pillow, your head and neck will be better supported, and your sleep will improve. You could take this one step further by investing in the perfect mattress too! 

The better you sleep, the better you’ll feel. 


The longevity of our Premier Inn pillows also improves sleep, as it means you can use our favourite bedding for much longer. Changing a pillow when it becomes limp and lifeless means that you need to readjust to a new sleeping setup, which can take a while for some people.

Thanks to our clever design and comfy materials, you can sleep well every night knowing that your bed will be just as comfortable as it was the night before.

How can you look after a Premier Inn pillow?

Our pillows are made to last, and some extra care and attention will keep them in the best condition – and improve your sleep as a result. Our top tips for looking after a Premier Inn pillow are:

Change the pillowcase once a week and wash the pillow itself two to four times per year. You can clean the Premier Inn pillow on a wash up to 40°C, making it suitable for at-home laundry cycles.

When washing your pillow, you should always use a mild detergent and ensure it is 100% dry before returning it to the bed.

Allow your pillow to get some fresh air every time you change the bedding before adding a new pillowcase. This will allow any dampness to be removed and ensure that the hollow fibres have a chance to plump up again to their former glory.

Use a fabric freshener in between washes to ensure optimal freshness.

Leave your pillow outside on a warm, dry day now and again. Similarly, occasionally leave your bedroom window open to allow some fresh air in and reinvigorate it.

Which type of pillow is right for me?

Some people just know if they like soft or firm pillows, but it’s not always easy to tell. The best way to decide is to base it on what type of sleeper you are. 

The soft pillow is better for stomach sleepers as it allows your body to be streamlined. If you sleep on your back or side, select a firm option, as it will support the whole body. 

Where can you buy Premier Inn pillows from?

You can order these pillows from the Premier Inn at home website.

Simply choose between firm or soft and place your order. Each set of pillows is provided in a premium carry case, which is ideal for saving if you want to take your pillows with you on future travels. It also means they can be properly protected when not used full-time. 

As well as buying our pillows, you can also kit out the rest of your bedroom like a Premier Inn hotel and pick up mattress protectors, duvets, and complete bundles.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. Treat yourself to a luxurious night every night at home, not just when you’re staying with us.

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