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Why our Premier Inn Bundles are a Game-Changer For Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? If not, you’re not alone – one in five adults struggle to get a healthy amount of rest each evening. Sleep is something our body craves, but sadly that doesn’t mean getting enough of it is simple. The good news is that whether you have a sleeping condition, an overactive mind, or just a bedroom that could use an upgrade, our bedding bundles have got you covered!

While a hot drink and some relaxation may help you wind down, this article will explore how our comfy bedding bundles offer the ultimate solution to your sleeping woes, thanks to their innovative features and high-quality design.

Can the Right Bedding Help You Sleep Better?

Clean and comfortable bedding is essential for getting good-quality sleep. If you recreate the Premier Inn bedding experience at home, you can look forward to a hotel-quality sleep every night. 

Bedding is about much more than enhancing comfort. The right bedding should support you and help you sleep well, while features such as breathable fillings and ergonomic quilting improve physical health. When it comes to sleeping deeply, everything from temperature control to allergy defence should be considered.  

How Do Premier Inn at Home Bedding Bundles Improve Sleep?

The features woven into our Premier Inn bedding bundles offer the key to a brilliant sleep. These include:

Temperature Regulation

Our bundle keeps temperatures optimised throughout the night. Experiencing fluctuations in temperature during the night can impact the quality of your sleep – if it’s too cold or too warm, you won’t enjoy that deep, REM sleep your body craves. Over time, this can have negative psychological impacts too – your mind starts to associate bedtime with unrest and discomfort. 

All items within our bedding bundle are made from breathable materials to maintain the best temperature thanks to the hollow fibre wadding in our pillows and microfibre within the duvets. Plus, when selecting a duvet, you can choose from a lightweight 4.5 tog summer design or a 10.5 tog, meaning you can tailor your bedding to the season. No more nights of shivering or sweating – our bundles offer a brilliant solution to temperature-affecting sleep factors.

Natural and Allergy-Resistant Materials

Around five million UK residents suffer from dust mite allergies, and even for those who don’t, having a build-up of bacteria and dirt in the bedroom can disturb your rest. Dust and allergens are eliminated thanks to our breathable materials.

Our bedding bundles also include natural materials, perfect for those who suffer from skin irritations. By choosing bedding that’s designed to alleviate allergies and irritations, you can look forward to a better night’s sleep. 

Comfortable Finishes

There’s nothing worse than diving into bed after a long day and being greeted by a lumpy duvet or a pancake pillow. That’s why we worked so hard to create high quality products that are made to last.

Our bedding bundles are designed with the guest in mind, so comfort is key. Every feature, from the padded mattress protector to the soft or firm pillows available within our bundles, lets you enjoy a cosy sleep.

Easy to Maintain

The final benefit is that all our items can be easily cared for. When we consider what makes bedding great, longevity springs to mind. Purchasing cheaper duvets or pillows is great for a few weeks, but you’ll get more for your money by buying top quality products that are built to last.

All our items are machine washable and easy to care for, meaning they stay comfy and plump for longer. This is essential – consistency in your sleep environment is one of the most important factors when it comes to enjoying a deep slumber. We also know that washing bedding can be a chore, which is why our bedding is made from breathable features which allow for areas to be kept fresher between washes. 

What Do the Premier Inn Bedding Bundles Include?

Now that you know how our Premier Inn bedding bundles can help you sleep, let’s review what you get in a set. 

Our bundles include a duvet, a set of pillows, and an optional mattress protector. One of the main benefits of our bundles is that you can choose a complete set for one bed or select a few different items for various beds around the house – pillows for the main bed, a duvet for the guest room and so on. 

Choose between a 4.5 or 10.5 tog duvet in a selection of sizes. Whether you need a summer cover for a single or a cosy winter duvet for a super king-size bed, we have options available. Next, choose between our popular soft or firm pillows to suit your sleeping preferences. If you sleep on your side, a firm pillow is best as it helps support the position of your head and neck. If you prefer resting on your back or front, a soft pillow is better at aligning the spine. 

Finally, our bundles let you select a mattress protector in the size you need. These are washable, cushioned bed liners that help keep mattresses fresh. They also enhance comfort and help regulate your temperature through the night. If you don’t want or need a mattress protector, you can just exclude this from the bundle and save money. 

With our super-comfy bedding bundles, you can recreate that hotel experience at home. 

Do Premier Inn Bedding Bundles Work Out Better Value for Money?

What Pillows Do Premier Inn Use

The benefits of our Premier Inn bedding bundles go beyond the quality of the individual products. When you choose to buy these items as a bundle, you’ll save 10% compared to the price of buying items separately, which is ideal if you need bedding items throughout your home.  

As well as the discounted price, our bundles also offer value in other ways, including:

  • Not needing to replace bedding items as regularly, meaning better value for money. 
  • Saving money on products such as fans and electric blankets, and even reducing your utility bills, thanks to the bedding’s clever temperature regulation. 
  • Anti-allergy features can also alleviate the need to buy additional medication for allergy conditions brought on by dust and mites.

Plus, thanks to the six-month warranty, you can shop with confidence and enjoy your investment.

Where Can You Buy a Premier Inn Bedding Bundle?

A good night’s sleep shouldn’t be a luxury – it’s a necessity for day-to-day life.

We think you deserve to feel well rested, which is why we’ve perfected the design of our bedding items to ensure hotel guests and bed shop customers alike can sleep soundly. Enjoy hotel comfort at home by buying bedding bundles on our website. Simply visit our bed shop, choose your perfect bundle and wait for our couriers. Delivery can take just three to five days across the UK, so you won’t have too long to wait.

Enjoy a great sleep every night, not just when you’re staying in one of our hotels. Thanks to our plush duvets, supportive pillows and bed-freshening mattress protectors, a Premier Inn sleep is just a few clicks away!