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How to Recreate the Premier Inn Bedding Experience at Home

It’s no surprise that one of the things people most look forward to when staying in a hotel is relaxing in a cosy bed! Good bedding can greatly impact sleep quality, so choosing items designed for ultimate relaxation is essential. 

Our Premier Inn at Home website lets you buy the same high-quality bedding we use in our hotels for your own bedroom, so if you’ve ever wanted to recreate the Premier Inn bed experience at home, you’re in luck! Our Premier Inn Bedding collection works perfectly together, meaning you can look forward to the same cosiness you’d enjoy in one of our hotels.

If you want to know how to recreate the comfy Premier Inn bedding experience in your own home, keep reading.

What’s So Special About Premier Inn Bedding?

Before we start plumping those pillows, let’s first look at why Premier Inn bedding is such a great choice. If you’ve ever wanted to know what bedding Premier Inn uses, it’s a bespoke set of items crafted from top quality materials that you can now enjoy at home.

Our Premier Inn collection has been designed with comfort in mind thanks to years of listening to guest feedback and researching exactly what goes into a good night’s rest. From getting the ideal pillow firmness to understanding what materials are best at combatting allergens, our bedding range has been created to suit all sleepers. 

How Can You Add Premier Inn Comfort to Your Bed at Home?

Now we’ll tell you how you can recreate Premier Inn comfort within your bedroom. 

If you’ve ever stayed in one of our hotels and wondered whether you can buy Premier Inn bedding and pillows, the answer is yes. We even sell mattress protectors and beds! The combination of these luxurious bedding essentials will help you recreate the Premier Inn sleeping experience in the comfort of home. All our Premier Inn at Home bedding items work brilliantly together thanks to their smart features such as enhanced comfort and breathability. 

Recreate the Premier Inn Bedding Experience at Home


Premier Inn Luxury Pillows Having a comfortable surface to rest your head on each night is vital for sleep. At Premier Inn, we offer firm and soft products to suit different sleepers.

Different firmness options and our innovating product design will help you get comfy every night. This is thanks to the hollow fibre filling, which offers perfect plumpness with complete breathability. Allowing air to flow between the layers makes it harder for bacteria to grow, meaning those with allergies can sleep without irritation. This feature ensures that the pillows last longer too as they’re protected from the usual deterioration caused by germs and dirt. 

Our Premier Inn pillows are also covered by a soft protector, which adds even more comfort at night.


Premier Inn Luxury DuvetThe next part of our bedding formula is a Premier Inn at Home luxury duvet. Available in either a summer-friendly 4.5 tog or a winter-warming 10.05 tog, this duvet will have you feeling snug as a bug night after night. Our duvet is constructed from a microfiber blend, eliminating the chance of bacteria building up while also allowing a consistently plump finish. 

There’s nothing worse than a duvet going from padded and plump to flat as a pancake! Thankfully, our cosy duvet remains good as new for years.

Mattress Protector 

Premier Inn Mattress ProtectorsThe final piece of the bedding puzzle when it comes to recreating Premier Inn comfort is using a mattress protector. This part is often overlooked but believe us when we say it’s vital for making your mattress comfier and more durable.

As well as being waterproof and breathable, the cotton polyester blend protector offers a soft padding which makes every mattress comfier.

In addition to these popular Premier Inn bedding items, stylish mattresses and bed frames are also available to buy on our website if you want to recreate the ultimate hotel at home experience.

What Are the Benefits of Using Premier Inn at Home Bedding?

  • Our items are made to last. Thanks to our quality materials, you can enjoy the same cosiness night after night.
  • All our products are designed for ultimate comfort all year round – whether it’s boiling hot or freezing cold, you’ll still find a Premier Inn at Home bedding solution for you.
  • With better bedding, you’ll enjoy a better sleep quality, meaning you can look forward to a good night’s rest and waking up feeling refreshed.
  • Our Premier Inn bedding is also breathable, ideal for maintaining body temperature levels during the night. As well as being better for your overall sleeping conditions, this is also ideal for hygiene as there’s less chance of sweat or bacteria building up in the night.

Ways to Care For Premier Inn at Home Bedding to Keep It Fresh and Cosy

The bedding you choose is important, but so is how you maintain it. One of the main reasons that guests sleep better in a hotel is that bedding is always fresh and clean*, so caring for your products using the same high standards will improve your sleep even more. To do this, simply:

Follow the Cleaning Instructions

Clean and fresh bedding helps you get a good night’s rest. Always follow the recommended cleaning steps to ensure your bedding is at its best for as long as possible. 

All our Premier Inn at Home bedding comes with care and washing instructions to make it easy for you to look after. As is the case with all bedding items, make sure items are completely dry before covering with top sheets, pillowcases etc.

Leave It to Air Regularly

Another important piece of advice is to let your bedding breathe regularly. While our bedding products are built with advanced materials, it’s still important to let your bedding breathe every few weeks at least. Allowing the bedding time to breathe before it’s covered in sheets gives the internal fibres a chance to reset between uses. Plus, if there’s any dampness or moisture contained within the bedding, this ensures it can dry completely. 

Frequent washes and fresh air will let you enjoy a lovely fresh scent from your bedding for longer.

Maintain the Rest of the Bed Properly

Lastly, to keep bedding fresh and in great condition, make sure you look after the rest of your bed too. If you have a dirty bed frame or mattress, that odour or grime will transfer to other items.

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