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What is the specification for the Premier Inn Duvet?

The Premier Inn Duvet is made from rich 100% Polyester fillings with microfiber blend. It has a tog rating of 10.5 and comes in 4 sizes; Single, Double, King and Super King Size. The Duvet cover which is made from 100% polyester as well.

What does Premier Inn duvet offer?

Premier Inn duvets offers soft touch and ultimate comfort ensuring you have good night’s sleep. Made with blend of microfiber and hollowfiber, our breathable 10.5 tog duvet keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making it perfect for use all year round.

What are your sizes for Single, Double, King and Super King?

  • Single: 135×200 cm
  • Double 200×200 cm
  • King 225×220 cm
  • Super King 260×220 cm

Who will be supplying my duvets?

Although you will be buying from Premier Inn, your contract for the purchase and supply will be with Sartex Quilts & Textiles LTD. Please make sure you have read out terms and conditions before placing your order.

What are the care instructions for my Premier Inn duvet?

Please find the specific care instructions on the duvet label and packaging insert. All of our duvet and protectors are machine washable at 40 degree Celsius

How much does the Premier Inn duvet costs?

Premier Inn duvet are sold in 4 different sizes. Single Duvet costs £30, Double Duvet costs £35, King Size Duvet costs £40 and Super King Size costs £45. Please note that all prices are inclusive of VAT

When do I pay for the duvets?

You will be required to pay in full amount at the time of placing an order with us. You can pay by either debit card or credit card. If the payment is refused or reversed after dispatch of the duvets, Sartex Textiles & Quilts LTD has the right to request payment or recover the duvets from you.

Does Premier Inn duvets have any warranty?

All Premier Inn pillows come with 6 month manufacturer’s warranty.

I have a problem with my Premier Inn bedding, what do I do?

Your Premier Inn duvet comes with 6 months manufacturer’s warranty. If you suspect there’s something wrong with your duvet or find any visible faults/defects upon opening them, feel free to contact Sartex’ customer services team. You can also refer to out Faulty Items policy in Terms and Conditions.