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Are Premier Inn Duvets Good For Summer?

Fun days out in the sun often end in frustrating nights when you’re trying to sleep during the summer, especially if you don’t have the right bedding. In the summer of 2018 – which was a scorching one for the UK – the nation lost around 125 hours of sleep* over the warmest months*. With UK summers predicted to get hotter over the next decade, there’s never been a better time to ensure your sleep environment is all geared up for summer.

At Premier Inn at home, we offer a collection of comfy, hotel-quality products, including a summer-ready duvet that means you can still feel cosy without melting in the heat. Like our viral Premier Inn pillows, our duvets feature hotel-quality finishes, meaning your bedroom can have a luxurious and comfortable look too.

Sleep is our thing, so we design our products to ensure you get a good night’s sleep, whatever the season. Keep reading to find out more about this summer essential.

What Type of Duvet is Best For Summer?

Do you want to summer-proof your bedroom? Choosing a suitable duvet for the hottest months of the year is a must. 

Most of the time, you don’t have to overhaul your whole routine – something as simple as a lighter tog and breathable bedding will do the trick. In summer, choose a duvet that’s around 4.5 togs so you feel snug, but not smothered. 

While some people can sleep without a duvet at all in summer, others struggle to drift off without a little cover. Choosing a lighter tog means you can still use a duvet – you just won’t have to worry about feeling too hot during the night! 

Summer duvets should be breathable and lightweight to reduce heat. This also means they can be washed easily – keeping bedding clean is even more important during warmer months as sweat is one of the leading causes of bacteria build-up in the bedroom.

What Design Features Make the Premier Inn Duvets Ideal for Hot Weather?

Our Premier Inn at home summer cool duvet is perfect for the warmest months of the year. Check out the reasons why below:

Summer-suitable filling

The 4.5 tog summer duvet from Premier Inn at home features a microfibre filling. This unique material is ideal for year-long bedding but is particularly helpful in the summer. Microfibre blend filling offers a light yet comforting finish that’s completely breathable. 

As well as keeping things cool, it can also dry out completely when left to air and regain its comforting plumpness for a great sleep every night. This filling is also ideal for allergy sufferers who struggle more in summer due to hay fever and other seasonal issues.

Durable polyester finish

Another design feature that makes our Premier Inn duvets ideal for the summer is the 100% polyester cover, which is suitable for most allergy sufferers and super comfortable. The silky soft finish can be used with any lightweight bedding cover, which you’ll want during the summer!

Polyester is also largely water resistant, easy to wash and quick drying. Plus, the duvet is finished with a highly robust satin-striped cover fabric that offers enhanced comfort even when the weather is hot.

You could wash this duvet every week if you like – thanks to its easy-to-care-for materials, robust overlocked edges and a straight channel stitching pattern, we’ve made a durable duvet that’s built to last.

Light yet cosy

As well as boasting a lightweight tog and breathable materials, our Premier Inn summer duvet has a soft touch surface which is cooling in the summer due to the satin striped finish. This means you can look forward to a good duvet snuggle without overheating! Being comfy is key when it comes to falling asleep quickly, so it’s important to consider this in the summer so you can stay snug without feeling like you’re in a sauna! 

How Should I Store My Winter Duvet During the Summer?

When summer arrives, it’s important to swap over your duvet before the nights get too warm to save yourself some discomfort and sleepless nights. 

Our Premier Inn duvets are delivered in a handy carry case, which you can use to store the product when it’s not being used. Once the duvet has had a good wash, leave it to air-dry, fold it up and put it away until those crisp autumn evenings arrive. 

You can do the same with your summer duvet when the time comes too! Plus, as well as having the right bedding for the season, you’ll feel like you’re opening up a brand-new product each time.

Top Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Rest During the Summer

Our Expert Sleep Tips: How to Fall Asleep Fast

Keep your bedroom blinds closed during the day to prevent your room temperature getting too hot.

Start using a summer duvet as soon as the heat increases to set up a positive sleep routine for the new season. 

Use an energy-efficient fan or dehumidifier.

Make sure you swap out bedding for the entire family. Keeping kids cool is extra important as their temperatures can greatly fluctuate. 

Take a cool evening shower before bed and wear breathable nightwear. 

Use other breathable bedding items that will work together to improve your sleep wellbeing.

If you’re travelling, make sure you plan ahead to help maintain positive sleep routines too. You can learn more about how to sleep when away from home here.

Is the wider Premier Inn bedding collection ideal for use in the warm months?

Yes, it is! Our entire Premier Inn at home collection has been created to help you get a great night’s sleep all year round. Our products aren’t just stylish – they’ve been designed with sleep in mind. 

Our mattress features breathable materials and a gel layer to keep you cool, particularly during summer. This also helps keep your bedding clean – ideal when mattresses aren’t the easiest things to wash! Additionally, the mattress protector is designed to keep you cool and protect the bed base against sweat in the summer months. Simply remove it at least once a week during summer, wash it like standard bedding, and put it back on for a comfortable and cool sleep.

The pillows also feature the same hollow fibre filling as the duvet, so you can look forward to the same breathable finish and lightweight design. All our pillows also come with an easy-to-wash protector, so you can keep your bedding fresh and bacteria-free. 

Where Can Premier Inn Summer Duvets Be Purchased From?

You can buy your new Premier Inn summer duvet is from Premier Inn at home online. Delivery is free across the UK, and usually takes between three to five working days. We also offer different payment options such as Klarna’s buy now, pay later.

Plus, check out our bedding bundles to give your whole bedroom an upgrade – and to stay cool in the summer and cosy in the winter! To find out more, contact our Premier Inn at home team today. 

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