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Divan Bed vs. Slats - Which Is Right for You

Divan Bed vs. Slats – Which Is Right for You

Fancy taking that Premier Inn bed experience home with you? Thanks to our range of luxurious hotel quality beds, you can! From bright colours to neutral designs, we have something for everyone who’s looking to upgrade their bedroom. But a...
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Design Your Bed Frame with Premier Inn

Is there anything better than knowing you have a comfy bed waiting for you at the end of a long day? We think not! At Premier Inn at home, we offer a range of luxury beds, perfect for transforming your...
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Choosing the Perfect Bed Frame for Your Room

At Premier Inn at Home, we know your bed is a sacred space. Creating a sleep-inducing environment is essential to feeling well-rested and positive every day. If you’re struggling to sleep and feel like your sleep routine is due an...
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