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Choosing the Perfect Bed Frame for Your Room

At Premier Inn at Home, we know your bed is a sacred space. Creating a sleep-inducing environment is essential to feeling well-rested and positive every day. If you’re struggling to sleep and feel like your sleep routine is due an MOT, one of the best places to start is by choosing the perfect bed frame for your sleep space.

Choosing the right bed frame can be tough. Alongside getting the styling right for an Insta-worthy bedroom, comfort and durability are also essential. Our stylish bed frames are perfect for recreating the Premier Inn bed experience at home. We always get asked what bedding Premier Inn uses, but people forget just how important the bed frame can be!

Here, we’ll share our tips for selecting the perfect bed frame for your bedroom. From improving storage to enhancing style, our guide will help you create the perfect set up. Keep reading to learn how you can revitalise your bedroom by selecting a dreamy bed frame.

What Considerations Should Be Made When Choosing a Bed Frame?

Choosing the perfect bed frame for your needs is key. The choice can be overwhelming with so many great options available on the market. In order to implement our expert sleep tips that will help you fall asleep quickly and achieve a better quality of rest, you should consider the following:

Do You Already Have a Mattress or Will You Need to Purchase a New One? 

It can be a costly mistake choosing a bed frame model that doesn’t fit with an existing mattress. Some bed frames only suit certain mattress types, so it’s important to consider your mattress before choosing the bed frame. 

Is the Bed Likely to Be Moved at All or Fixed In One Position?

If you regularly update the layout of your bedroom, it’s best to avoid a frame that will be difficult to move around. Similarly, if you plan on moving house regularly, it can be a nightmare to keep lifting a heavy bed. Some designs will include more lightweight options, so be sure to do your research.

What Style Are You Looking For?

There’s a wide selection of style choices when it comes to bed frames. Whether you’re looking for a traditional wooden finish or a contemporary fabric design, consider what would suit your bedroom best. A bed is the focal point of a room, so getting the styling right is vital. 

What Size of Bedroom Do You Have?

Who wouldn’t love to have a giant bed waiting for them at home? Sadly though, it’s best to be realistic and work with the size and layout of your bedroom. The design of your space can also impact other aspects, such as integrated designs, the prominence of the headboard etc.

What Makes a Good Bed Frame?

Choosing the perfect bed frame is more than just the specification; it’s also about the overall look and quality. You don’t want to spend ages finding the right design only to realise it’s super uncomfortable! Some factors that make a good bed frame include:

  • Durable design which features a robust construction and quality materials that will stand the test of time.
  • Robust support in the form of slats and a central framework to ensure you sleep comfortably. 
  • Stability so that your frame doesn’t move out of place.
  • Materials that are easy to clean and maintain to ensure the frame remains in good condition for longer. 

What Are the Different Types of Bed Frames?

There are lots of frame styles to choose from, and all offer different styling and usability features. 

One of the most popular bed frames is a platform model, which is essentially a traditional design with four legs, offering space underneath for storage and allowing any mattress to be used. Another popular option is a divan bed frame which integrates a comfortable bed with built-in storage. These are popular for smaller rooms and also new-build homes that can lack essential cupboard space.

Other commonly found designs include sleigh, TV, ottoman, day bed frames and more!

How Can You Match a Bed Frame to the Styling of a Room?

We think that one of the reasons that people sleep well when away from home is down to the styling of a space. The feel of a room has a huge part to play in optimising a sleep environment, so getting the design right is essential. 

The perfect bed frame should complement your chosen decor and act as a stylish focal point that ties everything together.

The colour of material or type of wood should align with the styling of your room. This could be with other furniture or even the framework for doors and windows. The design also matters – a modern fabric ottoman bed would look out of place in a vintage themed room! You should also consider the finishing touches of a bed frame, such as the feet or finials.

Choose a Bed Frame From Premier Inn at Home

Choosing the Perfect Bed Frame for Your Room

Wondering how you can recreate the Premier Inn bedding experience at home? Alongside our luxurious pillows and all-inclusive bedding bundles, choosing the right bed frame is essential, which is why we offer choice of three: Evana, Lilith, and Oriana.

When you select any of our bed frames, you can choose the size, leg type and intended mattress to ensure it’s tailored to perfection. We also offer personalisation of frame and foot colours!

All of our bed frames are also intended to replicate hotel-quality at home – say goodbye to creaking frames and wobbly slats! Our beds are also made from sustainable materials and are easy to assemble, so building your new frame couldn’t be easier. Shop our collection of Premier Inn at Home bed frames now!

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