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Design Your Bed Frame with Premier Inn

Is there anything better than knowing you have a comfy bed waiting for you at the end of a long day? We think not! At Premier Inn at home, we offer a range of luxury beds, perfect for transforming your bedroom into a dreamy sleep environment. Stylish designs, durable materials and easy to care for fabrics – what’s not to love?

One of the main reasons people sleep better away from home is because our Premier Inn beds are designed to help you get the best rest. Sturdy, comfy beds that support all kinds of sleepers and last for years – and you can buy the same high-quality products for your home!

In this article, we’ll explore how you can select the best bed frame, and the benefits of investing in quality. To learn how you can create your own bed frame, keep reading!

Can Choosing the Right Bed Impact Sleep Quality?

Absolutely! Choosing the right bed frame doesn’t just affect the style of your room, but the quality of your rest. Before you add our luxurious pillows or our comfy bedding bundle to your bed, making sure you’ve got the right base is key.

A comfy bed is crucial to getting a great night’s sleep and helping you feel well rested, while a stylish bed is important to setting the right mood in your space. If your sleep routine is due to an MOT, a new bed can make all the difference.

We think that a quality bed is one of the most important investments in the home. After all, you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep!

What Types of Bed Frames Can I Choose?

First, you’ll need to decide on the right bed frame type for you. We offer two stylish options – traditional bed frames and luxury Divans. 

Traditional bed frames are raised from the floor using legs in each corner, leaving space underneath for storage. The designs include a headboard, structured sides, and slats to provide even weight distribution and a solid structure. Bed frames like this are perfect for any bedroom.

For people who have smaller homes or need clever storage solutions, Divan frames are a lifesaver! These models include a range of different storage styles, from draws to ottoman storage. These beds tend to be slightly larger in design as they offer so much space.  

Benefits of Choosing the Best Bed Frame

One of our top tips for optimising a sleep environment is to invest in quality bedding because:

  • You’ll feel comfier and more supported, which can help with falling asleep quickly and also experiencing a better quality of rest. 
  • A stylish bed and bed frame can really impact the feel of a room. Choosing the right product is important for creating the right ambience. 
  • A quality bed frame will last longer, and therefore serve as a better investment than a cheaper, poor quality option.
  • Storage, storage, storage!  

How To Design a Bed Frame With Premier Inn?

Once you’ve chosen between our luxury Divan and traditional bed frames, building your perfect bed to recreate the Premier Inn bed experience at home is simple! Just like when you invest in our bedding bundles, you’ll really start to feel the benefit of quality products.

Style and Design

The headboard design, colour and even the type of legs for traditional frames are all up to you to design. Our choices mean you can select anything from a dark modern design to a fun colourful option to make a real statement.

Storage for Divans

If you select a Divan frame, you’ll also get to choose storage options. This includes having no storage, two drawers, no storage plus an ottoman or half ottoman and two drawers. By considering what type of room you have, you can decide what configuration works best for you.  

Bed Frame Size

This one might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people buy a big bed frame without measuring their room first! We offer beds in sizes from singles to super king, allowing you to measure up and find the perfect bed frame for your space. 

Design Bed Frames in a Few Clicks

Design Your Bed Frame with Premier Inn

We’ve made our design process super simple so that you can enjoy creating a gorgeous bed frame without the stress. Simply go through each selection to view prices and choose your favourite option to build your ideal bed!

Afterwards, you can shop the rest of our collection to recreate the Premier Inn experience at home. Hotel quality in the comfort of your bedroom – what more could you want? Explore our collection of beds now and create your perfect bed frame.

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