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Enjoy All Kinds of Value With Premier Inn’s Exclusive Bedding Bundles

Feeling well rested is key to living a happy life, yet a staggering 7.5 million people across the UK struggle to get a good night’s rest. Whether you drift off with ease or stay up scrolling on your phone until the early hours, the comfort of your bed and bedding comfort can transform your sleep experience. 

Our Premier Inn at Home bedding bundles have been designed to let you bring that hotel luxury and comfort home with you. In this article, we’ll tell you all about the quality of our products and how you can get the best value thanks to our bedding bundles. Whether you want to recreate the Premier Inn bedding experience at home or you’re just looking for high-quality luxury items for your bedroom, our bedding bundles are ideal.

What Value Can You Get From Choosing a Premier Inn at Home Bedding Bundle?

The global bedding industry is set to be worth around $49 billion by the end of 2024, which shows just how important a good night’s rest is to people worldwide. With the pricing and quality of bedding differing depending on the product, finding the best value for money can be difficult. Fortunately, value is woven into every fibre of our bedding bundles!

Here are just some of the ways that our bedding bundles offer value.

Guaranteed Comfort

First, value comes in in the form of comfort and cosiness. Ensuring that your bedding is of top quality makes you more likely to rest easier. Sleep is integral to every part of our lives, so battling with sub-standard bedding will only negatively impact your rest. 

Features such as our hollow fibre fillings and 100% Polyester materials ensure that better sleep can be achieved with less chance of irritations causing you problems. With 54% of people saying they feel stressed when they don’t get enough sleep, we know the value of a good night’s rest, and the importance of quality bedding.

Save 10% Compared to Buying Individually 

Next up is the financial value you’ll enjoy when buying our bedding bundles. By choosing one of our complete sets of bedding products, you save 10% compared to buying the items individually, so you can enjoy a discount on high quality items while investing in your rest.

Our bundles let you choose a duvet, pillows, and mattress protector depending on your bedding needs. Prices start from just £59.40 for bedding products that will help you sleep easier for years to come.

Another way that our bundles offer financial value is that one bundle can be used to dress beds in multiple rooms. Say if you need pillows for your bed, a duvet for guests and even a spare mattress protector, buying all items together means you can tick multiple purchases off the list without having to spend on individual items.

Dress an Entire Bed With One Purchase

The next value our bedding bundles offer is style. Our Premier Inn bedding instantly adds the hotel elegance we all know and love to any bedroom – stylish designs and luxurious materials offer an inviting finish that will have you wanting to dive back into bed as soon as you’ve left!

Long Lasting and Quality Solutions 

Last but not least is the value we often take for granted – durability. 

We all know that bedding doesn’t last forever, but when you choose a quality set of products, the lifespan can be extended. Our bundles offer even greater value for money when you consider how long they will be on your bed. Features such as robust designs, breathable fillings and easy-to-wash materials allow you to keep our bedding bundles fresher for longer.

What Do the Premier Inn at Home Bedding Bundles Include?

Now you know why our bedding bundles are such great value, we wanted to share more about the products themselves. When you select a bundle, you can choose a duvet and pillows, plus we also offer the option of including a mattress protector. Duvets range from singles to super kingsize in either 4.5 or 10.5 tog, covering duvet options for any time of year. All our duvets feature a microfibre filling, are made from a rich Polyester and boast a plush padded finish for ultimate comfort. 

Next up, you can buy our Premier Inn pillows – so popular they even went viral – which are available in either a soft or firm design. Choose the pillow type that best suits your sleep style and enjoy a fully breathable, hollow fibre filling. This cooling feature is important as body temperatures rise at night, so not only does this ensure a more comfortable rest, but it also allows those with allergies to remain unaffected by irritants. Lastly, you can choose to include one of our top-quality mattress protectors. These quilted products are ideal for keeping mattresses fresh and improving sleeping conditions. Mattress protectors can also be easily machine-washed with the rest of your bedding covers every week to keep your bedding clean. 

Thanks to the different bedding options and sizes, you can shop for either one bed or multiple ones with our bedding bundle. Click to shop now!

What Makes Premier Inn at Home Bedding So Good?

In addition to the value we’ve already mentioned, remember that when it comes to our Premier Inn bedding:

  • All products have been designed with hotel guests in mind. Hotel bedding goes through a lot of uses and washes, so if our products work well in our hotels, you can relax knowing they’ll work just as well at home.
  • Items are also made to suit all sleeping styles. Whether you’re a back sleeper or like to snuggle on your front, our bedding bundles will help you enjoy a great night’s sleep.
  • Our bedding products can be used all year round, no matter how high or low the temperatures get. Thanks to our choice of duvet togs and breathable bedding designs, you can enjoy comfort all year round.
  • Care and maintenance are clear and simple. All our bedding products come with full care instructions, making it easy to freshen up bedding at home.

Are the Premier Inn at Home Bedding Bundles Used In Premier Inn Hotels?

If you’re looking for a way to experience the same comfort that Premier Inn hotels provide at home, you’re in luck. The same quality bedding we use across our hotels is now available to buy for your own bedroom on our Premier Inn at Home website.

Whether you want to invest in a good night’s rest or need to dress other beds within your home, our bedding bundles are ideal. Experience hotel luxury for yourself!