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Experience the Ultimate Comfort with Premier Inn’s Bedding Collection

Picture it – you’re away on an exciting staycation at one of our hotels and, after a busy day of exploring a new city, you head back to your room where a cosy bed with top-quality bedding is waiting for you. Well, how would you feel if we told you could get that same Premier Inn bed experience at home?

Our Premier Inn at Home collection lets you enjoy hotel-quality sleep every night. Whether your sleep routine is due an MOT or you just want a way to add some luxury to your home, we have the solution for you. Keep reading to learn how you can experience hotel comfort with our Premier Inn bedding collection without having to book a night away at our hotels.

What Makes Hotel Bedding Extra Comfortable?

It’s official; we’re a nation of non-sleepers, with many people across the UK suffering from insomnia.

While there are many methods you can try to help you get a good night’s rest – such as calming teas or cutting down on screen time before bed – choosing the right bed set up is key to a good slumber.

Hotel bedding is known for being comfortable – it’s designed to give guests a great night’s sleep night after night! However, as well as wanting to give guests a memorable sleep experience, hotel bedding is made extra comfortable because it has to stand the test of time and meet the various sleeping styles of guests. Hotel bedding also has to be kept fresh and clean, with quick washing turnaround times to ensure a room is ready for the next guest.

To meet these needs, comfy hotel bedding has features such as:

  • Allergy-resistant materials such as hollow fibre wadding and cotton outer layers.
  • Breathable linings, including microfibre, to ensure items remain breathable yet cosy.
  • Durable stitching and structured designs to maintain the fabric’s positioning even when in use.

So there you have it – hotel bedding doesn’t just feel comfier because you’re enjoying a getaway, it actually is!

What Are the Benefits of Using Hotel Quality Bedding at Home?

Hotel bedding is a brilliant way to optimise your sleep environment for many reasons, all of which enhance your comfort at night. 

Firstly, the fact that items are breathable means that any moisture can be quickly removed thanks to a steady airflow. Breathable bedding also helps sleepers regulate their body temperature by absorbing any heat that builds up. This feature also ensures that no matter whether it’s hot or cold, you can still enjoy a great night’s rest.

Hotel quality bedding is also made from the finest materials, including 100% cotton and polyester, meaning it’s soft to the touch. These natural fibres make for a comfortable sleep as they’re perfectly malleable and ideal for snuggling. Another benefit of quality materials is that they are hard-wearing. This means they retain their intended shape and structure over time, maintaining the right conditions for sleep. Finally, materials used in hotel bedding are also often hypoallergenic, reducing the risk of irritation through the night for those who suffer from allergies.

Lastly, hotel bedding retains its plumpness, which keeps your bed looking just as inviting over time. Mental comfort is a big part of physical happiness, so having an attractive bedroom is key when it comes to experiencing hotel-quality sleep.

Hotel Quality Bedding Available From Premier Inn at Home

Now you know why hotel bedding feels so good, we want to share our tips on how you can recreate that ultimate comfort within your own home. Our hotels use Premier Inn’s signature bedding, which we’ve designed with your comfort in mind. If you want to experience this same level of cosiness at home, just follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your bedding base is of a high-quality standard. Even if you choose the best bedding available, you won’t feel the benefit if you have a mattress with sprung coils on a rickety bed frame. We sell mattresses and beds, the same kind we use at our Premier Inn hotels, if you want to create the full hotel at home experience.
  2. Always use a mattress protector if you have a brand-new mattress underneath. Mattress protectors are always included on our hotel beds for comfort and hygiene reasons. Adding an extra padding layer to the bedding offers more support while sleeping. Protectors also keep mattresses clean and fresh.
  3. Choose the perfect pillows for your sleeping preferences. Using a pillow that doesn’t offer you the right support can impact your health as well as your sleep***. Issues such as back pain and neck problems can quickly arise if your pillow doesn’t suit your sleep style. Our Premier Inn at Home pillows are available in both firm and soft designs to suit all kinds of sleepers. Whether you need a soft pillow or something sturdier, choosing the right one enhances your comfort and sleep quality.
  4. Select a duvet ideal for the season. Enhance your comfort with our Premier Inn at Home duvet. Comfort isn’t just about how cosy your bedding feels, it’s also about how it regulates your temperature throughout the night. Choose either a summer or winter tog depending on the weather conditions. 

Our summer duvets are 4.5 tog, offering a cosy lightweight cover that doesn’t cause temperatures to skyrocket. Alternatively, you can choose our 10.5 tog, which is perfect for snuggling up in when it’s cold.

Combining our bedding products makes it easy to recreate that hotel feeling at home. Our quality items are available to buy individually or in bedding bundles, offering a discounted way to instantly transform your bedroom!

What Are Some Tips For Making Your Bed Even More Comfortable at Home?

As well as buying our Premier Inn at Home bedding, there are a few other hacks you can try to ensure your bedroom is comfy as can be, like:

  • Getting into the habit of flipping your mattress at least once a month. This prolongs the quality and ensures each side has a chance to plump back up after being used. Don’t forget to top it all off with one of our mattress protectors. 
  • Selecting a bed frame with fixed slats or a divan base. This will ensure the positioning of the mattress is maintained, offering even support across the bed for better sleeping conditions. 
  • Regularly washing your mattress protector to keep it feeling fresh and new.
  • Ensuring that your bedding always has time to aerate between changes to plump back up naturally. This helps remove any dampness and allows the fibre filling to rest back to its intended position, which is key in maintaining comfort. 

Choose Premier Inn at Home Bedding!

Sleep is so important – without it, we can’t be our best selves every day. There are many factors outside of our control when it comes to getting a good rest – the events of the day, for example. But the most important thing you can control is your sleep environment. Invest in our quality Premier Inn at Home bedding to enjoy a hotel sleep every night!