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What Pillows Do Premier Inn Use

If you want to invest more time into self-care this year, getting your sleep habits right should be high on the agenda. Choosing the right bedding and establishing a healthy bedtime routine is essential for feeling your best. 

If you’ve been wondering where you can buy Premier Inn pillows, you’ve come to the right place! Our luxurious bedding is available to buy at Premier Inn at Home and, with 71% of Brits struggling to get their recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night, there’s never been a better time to add luxury and comfort to your bedroom with our much-loved pillows.

Keep reading to discover what makes our pillows so luxurious and how they can help you enjoy a deep sleep every evening.

How Do Premier Inn Pillows Add Luxury to a Bedroom?

We use bespoke pillows in our Premier Inn hotels, crafted after years of listening to guest feedback. Made from the finest materials and offering a robust design, our pillows will help you enjoy a comfy, hotel-quality sleep night after night.  

As well as providing a brilliant night’s sleep, our pillows add a hotel feel to any space, thanks to their plush design. Who doesn’t love the idea of a luxurious bed waiting at the end of a long day? Luxury bedding is one of the best ways to enhance a bedroom**, and our Premier Inn at Home pillows can help you elevate your space and recreate the Premier Inn hotel experience at home.

Are Premier Inn Pillows Suitable For Everyone?

Another benefit of our luxury Premier Inn pillows is that they suit all sleeping preferences. If you’ve ever wondered whether Premier Inn pillows are soft or firm, the answer is that we offer both! 

By understanding what type of pillow is best for your sleeping position, you can easily bring a little bit of comfort and luxury into your home. If you’re a stomach sleeper, a firm pillow is best for you as this helps to prevent neck, back and shoulder stiffness. Alternatively, a soft pillow offers better support if you’re more likely to sleep on your back or move around a lot at night, as they allow the spine to be kept in a comfortable position. Thanks to our Premier Inn at Home pillows, you’ll have all the support you need for a great sleep, night after night.

How Do Premier Inn Pillows Improve Sleep?

Whether you’re staying in one of our hotels or buying a pair for your own home, we’ve created our Premier Inn pillows with our guests in mind, complete with clever design features to help you sleep.

Here are just some benefits of our Premier Inn pillows:

Breathable Design

Our Premier Inn pillows contain a luxurious hollowfibre filling, significantly enhancing your quality of sleep. The fibres allow air to flow, eliminating the chance of bacteria or germs setting up camp. If you struggle with allergies or skin irritations, this is essential to consider when choosing the right bedding. 

Breathability within bedding is also important – our bodies can fluctuate in temperature throughout the night, and hollowfibre fillings help regulate body heat, keep things cool, and allow any sweat to be quickly removed. This may explain why you wake up feeling extra cosy and fresh in a hotel bed!

Comfort Assured

The hollowfibre filling is also ideal as it stays plush thanks to its lower denier filling. Providing a soft and airy feel, our Premier Inn pillows retain their bounce over time, and feel just like new for longer. 

Allowing air to flow through the fibres makes them feel naturally rejuvenated and refreshed, keeping your pillows plump and full of life rather than flat as a pancake!

Plus, our pillows are available in soft and firm, so you can choose the ideal bedding for your sleep preferences.

Durable Design

Another benefit of our pillows is their robust design. Made from 100% Polyester, the pillows offer a silky soft look. Finished with durable stitching and quilted protective covers, our pillows prove that durability doesn’t have to be compromised when it comes to comfort.

How Can You Keep a Premier Inn Pillow in Great Condition?

Although pillows only need to be washed around twice a year, it’s easy to overlook this as an essential step in sleep maintenance. However, we encourage you to always keep your pillows fresh and clean – it’s a great way to keep your bedding feeling luxurious for as long as possible. All our pillows are machine washable at 40°C, so it’s easy to just chuck them in the wash with other items when needed. 

Some other ways that you can keep your pillows feeling fresh are:

  • Allow them to air regularly without a bedding cover to ensure the hollowfibre is plumped back to its intended state.
  • Swap the pillows around every few days to ensure you use them evenly.
  • Ensure that the protector and covers are also washed once a week to eliminate the chance of any bacteria in the pillow. Our protectors can be easily removed and washed.
  • When you make your bed, it’s also a good idea to give pillows a pat or fluff to encourage the fibres to move apart if they’ve become close.

We’re so sure of the quality of our pillows that they even come with a six-month manufacturing guarantee. It’s recommended that you replace pillows every one to two years, so make sure you keep track of how long you’ve had your Premier Inn at Home pillows for – they may still be comfortable, but it’s important to be sure that your still getting the support you need from your bedding.

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Bring that hotel comfort home with you and improve your sleep quality. For the ultimate experience, check out our other bedding essentials such as duvets and mattress protectors too.

Improved comfort, luxury and durability – our Premier Inn at Home pillows tick every box. Shop our luxurious Premier Inn at Home pillows today.