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The All-Inclusive Benefits of Our Premier Inn Bedding Bundles

Who doesn’t love getting into bed after buying a brand-new bit of bedding? Thanks to our Premier Inn at Home bundles, you can experience that new-bedding-feeling and more thanks to our hotel-quality products!

Having a comfortable and luxurious place to rest is key to getting a great night’s sleep. The condition of your bedding is an important aspect of sleep hygiene. So, instead of just choosing one bedding item and hoping it will cure your sleeping woes, we’ve created a great-value bundle that makes it easy to achieve the Premier Inn bed experience at home.

Keep reading to find out what our bundle includes and why it could be the key to achieving a good night’s sleep!

What Bedding Bundles Are Available From Premier Inn at Home?

Fancy diving into the bed of your dreams? Let’s explore exactly what our Premier Inn Luxury Duvet, Pillow & Protector bundles offer. 

Whether you want to upgrade your bedroom or just fancy sprucing up a guest room, our Premier Inn at Home bundle is a great way to incorporate luxury into your bedding. Our signature Premier Inn bedding items – loved by hotel guests and Premier Inn at Home customers across the UK – include a duvet, a pair of pillows and a mattress protector

The bundles are also customisable to let you pick the correct sizes and products. Firstly, you can choose between the 4.5 tog duvet or the 10.5 tog option. Available from single to super kingsize, finding the perfect cover for your bed is easy. Next, you can select from our Premier Inn at Home pillow options, which come in soft or firm. Check out our Our Luxurious Premier Inn Hotel Pillows blog to find out which pillow type is best for your sleep style.

Finally, you can choose to add a mattress protector in your desired size or remove this product from the bundle and lower the price. 

Being able to customise your bundle not only means you can find the right fit for your bed, but also that you can save money by stocking up on items for different rooms.

What Are the Benefits of Using Premier Inn at Home Bedding?

We made our much-loved Premier Inn bedding and pillows available to buy so that customers could  enjoy the comfort of our hotels at home. By choosing a bundle, you’re not only saving time on searching for individual items, but also money – our bundles are 10% cheaper than if you bought the products individually!

Other benefits of buying a complete Premier Inn at Home bedding setup for your home are:

Extreme Comfort

Premier Inn bedding is ideal for optimising your sleep environment, and the complete bundle has been designed to work perfectly together.

All bedding items are made with hotel comfort in mind, hence the quality hollowfibre and microfibre fillings, 100% Polyester finishes and quilted design. As well as physical comfort, our products are also great at regulating temperatures throughout the night, so you can look forward to a great night’s sleep. Thanks to the choice of duvet togs and aerated qualities, you can tailor your sleep environment to suit you.

Suitable for Allergy Sufferers

All our Premier Inn at Home bedding is breathable and made from quality materials. Breathable bedding has been proven to significantly improve the quality of sleep thanks to its temperature regulating qualities and ability to alleviate the irritation suffered by those with allergies. 

With advanced fillings and protective designs, our top-quality bedding makes it harder for bacteria and allergens to build up in your bed.

Long-Lasting Solutions

Another benefit of buying a bundle is that all your bedding will be brand new at the same time, making it easier to keep track of how long you’ve had your items for, and when it might be time for a replacement.

All our bedding bundle items are made to last, so you also benefit from getting much better value for money compared to buying lower-quality bedding options. Features such as aerated fillings, durable materials, high quality manufacturing and ease of maintenance ensure you get plenty of good nights’ rest for your money.

All Utilise the Same Technology and Designs

Our luxurious bedding items have all been designed and crafted with the same care, attention and quality. You can look forward to temperature control, allergy alleviation, and a great experience with all our bedding. 

Using a complete bundle gives yourself and your bed the best chance of enjoying a good quality sleep night after night. 

How Can You Care For Premier Inn at Home Bedding Bundles?

Another benefit of buying our Premier Inn at Home bedding bundle is that all items have similar care instructions. This makes it easier to care for your bedding and stick to a regular routine to help your products last longer.

To care for your bedding bundles, follow these tips:

  • Items should be washed regularly – a few times a year for duvets and pillows, plus once a month for mattress protectors. Duvets and pillows can be machine-washed at 40°C, whereas mattress protectors are better off at a slightly lower temperature. 
  • Always allow items to dry completely after cleaning. This ensures the fillings can return to their intended plumpness and stops any bacteria from building up, which can be caused by damp.
  • Between washes, you should always allow bedding to aerate at least once a week. This means letting it sit for a while before applying new covers. Ideally, leaving items outside or next to an open window is best (weather permitting!).
  • You can also use natural cleaning agents on bedding, such as fabric sprays or fresheners. This helps to keep items fresher for longer.
  • It’s also a good idea to regularly flip items to ensure all sides get equal usage. This helps items last longer and stay in better condition.

Does Premier Inn at Home Sell Other Bedding Items?

A luxurious bedding bundle is a great start – but why stop there? 

At Premier Inn at Home, we also sell beds and mattresses if you want to recreate the full hotel at home experience. As with our bedding bundles, these are the same products you’ll know and love from our hotels, all designed with our guests in mind. 

Our luxury bed frames and divans are available in multiple styles and finishes. Whether you want a traditional warm-toned design or a contemporary cool-toned option, we have something for everyone. We even include customisable options for features such as the bed legs to ensure the design is perfect for your space. Also available are our innovative mattresses, which include features such as a gel-support layer and edge-to-edge support for improved comfort. 

Combine our Premier Inn beds and mattresses with our bedding bundles and you’ll sleep like you’re in one of our hotels every night! So, for luxurious new bedding and a better night’s sleep, shop our bedding bundles now.

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