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What Tog Are Premier Inn Duvets? 

Everyone loves the hotel experience, but most people only get to stay in one every so often. The good news is that if you invest in top quality, hotel-standard bedding, like our Premier Inn luxury duvet, you can enjoy that hotel feeling night after night!

Here, you’ll learn all about our famous Premier Inn duvets, including what togs are available, what they’re made of and how you can recreate the whole hotel experience at home.

What is a Duvet Tog?

A duvet tog is the level of warmth and thermal insulation a particular duvet provides, measuring how effectively the duvet will trap heat and keep you warm. During the warmer summer months, most people choose to have a low-tog duvet on their bed, whereas in winter, they tend to use a higher-tog duvet. Alternatively, you can select a tog with a middle rating for a great all-year-round duvet.

Our Premier Inn luxury duvets come in two togs, 4.5 for summer and 10.5 for winter, so you can change throughout the year to keep you cosy and warm in the colder months and cool but covered in the warmer months.

Premier Inn Duvets

Our Premier Inn luxury duvets are super cosy and breathable. They’re soft to the touch because they’re made from a comfy blend of microfibre and hollowfibre to give the perfect balance of breathability, warmth and comfort. You can buy single, double, kingsize or super kingsize duvets, so the whole family can enjoy them!

Our top-quality duvets feel extra special with their satin striped microfibre cover and straight channel stitching pattern. The microfibre filling gives the feeling of down without the hefty price tag.

Choosing a Premier Inn Duvet

First of all, you’ll need to select a duvet to match the size of your bed. Rest easy knowing that whether you’re buying a single, double, kingsize and super kingsize duvet, you can look forward to the same material and standard.

Next, decide on the duvet tog. Most people have two duvets for each bed, switching between them throughout the year depending on the weather. In colder months, it’s best to use a warmer duvet. When it’s warmer outside, it’s best to use a cooler duvet to help beat the heat.

How to Buy a Premier Inn Duvet

Ready to enjoy that hotel feeling at home? You can buy one of our super-comfy Premier Inn duvets on the Premier Inn at home website, for delivery in three to five working days. We even have different payment options available to help spread the cost of your new luxury bedding. It’s simple – just visit the duvet page on our website, choose your tog and size, checkout securely and wait three to five working days for delivery!

And why stop there? Our Premier Inn at home collection lets you enjoy the full hotel experience – check out our sets of luxury pillows (available in firm or soft), our popular mattress protector and our comfy mattress to give yourself the gift of sleep every night.

How to Buy a Premier Inn Bundle?

Take the Premier Inn experience home with you for less with our Premier Inn bedding bundle, which includes a mattress protector, duvet and pillows.

The Premier Inn pillows (as seen on TikTok!)

Everyone’s talking about our Premier Inn pillows thanks to a viral TikTok about them! Made from soft, low-denier hollowfibre and super-fine fibres that create a plush, down-like filling and a long-lasting bounce back, our pillows are the perfect partner for a Premier Inn bed.

The Premier Inn Mattress Protector

Just like our other sleep products, our mattress protectors are made from high-quality, durable materials designed to improve your sleep quality. They’re waterproof to protect your mattress from stains, act as a protective barrier to prolong the life of your mattress, and add an extra layer of comfort just for you.

If you’re investing time and money into revamping your sleep routine, it’s worth sprucing up your bedding. To indulge in a luxury hotel-feel sleep experience, you should invest in our famous mattress protector to get the most out of your Premier Inn at home experience.

Why Choose Premier Inn at home?

Sleep is our thing. With 800+ hotels and around 77,000 rooms, we know a thing or two about providing a great night’s sleep for guests across the UK, night after night. Guests always told us that they wanted to take our beds home with them – and now, you can!

Premier Inn at home lets you recreate that Premier Inn hotel feeling from the comfort of your own home, so you don’t need to wait for your next trip to experience a great night’s sleep. The products on our website are identical to those in our rooms, because we think you deserve to sleep well every night, not just when you stay with us.

Sleep Like You’re in a Premier Inn Every Night

We’re on a mission to improve the UK’s sleep habits. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to design our super-comfy Premier Inn at home collection, and why we’ve asked several sleep experts to share some top tips.

Help yourself fall asleep by:

Investing in a good quality bed with comfortable bedding and accessories, so you can look forward to getting into bed every night

Try to limit screen time before bed to help you wind down – put the phone away and get comfy!

Allow yourself some time to calm your mind before you go to sleep – maybe a bit of reading or a warm bath?

Try sleep meditation – you’ll find all kind of relaxing soundscapes online too

Check out our other sleep blogs like Is Your Sleep Routine Due an MOT and Our Expert Sleep Tips, or get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about our Premier Inn at home products.