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How Comfortable Are Premier Inn Duvets?


It’s official – we’re a nation of bed lovers! 34% of Brits think it’s important to take regular duvet days, so having a snuggly duvet that offers the perfect place to unwind is essential. Comfort is key to creating a calm space to help you fall asleep faster too. 

Premier Inn at home is known for providing high-quality bedding, including our popular duvets. From viral best-selling pillows to robust and stylish bed frames, there’s something for everyone. 

If you’ve stayed in one of our Premier Inn hotels, you will know just how important high-quality bedding is to us. This blog will look at just how comfy the duvet is and the benefits of investing in the right bedding.

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Duvet?

Choosing the right bedding is one of our expert tips for sleep wellbeing. With 67% of UK residents suffering from disrupted sleep, it’s essential to invest in the right bedding for a great night’s sleep. 

A duvet is one of the most important parts of your sleep environment to get right because:

The weighting, otherwise known as the tog rating, will affect your temperature at night, so you need to choose one that’s perfect for the season to enhance comfort and reduce stress.

59% of people say that their indoor allergies are at their worst in the bedroom, so choosing a suitable duvet is key for enjoying a comfortable night’s rest.

Bedding comfort is a key factor in restful sleep. Mentally, it promotes a feeling of safety and security, which makes for the ideal relaxing conditions for sleep. Physically, it ensures that you can adopt the perfect relaxed posture for sleeping – being uncomfortable during the night could lead to some physical pain, as well as plenty of tossing and turning!

Comfort is always important, not just for the first few months of owning your new duvet. Make sure you consider the production quality and durability of your bedding to ensure a great night’s sleep for a longer period. 

Factor each of these in when buying your new duvet and you can look forward to resting easy night after night! 

Are Premier Inn Duvets Comfortable?

Yes! If your sleep routine is due an MOT or you just want to treat yourself to some hotel luxury at home, you’ll be thrilled to know just how comfy our Premier Inn duvets are, and why. 

Choice of togs

The first element that makes our duvets comfortable is the available togs. Premier Inn at home offers two choices for duvets – a lightweight 4.5 tog for warmer months, and a comforting 10.5 tog for winter.

Both weightings were carefully chosen following hotel guest feedback and researching which ratings are ideal for optimal sleeping conditions. 

The body naturally lowers in temperature before bed, and we all know how frustrating it can be battling excessive heat in the summer months, or chilly temperatures in the winter. 

By offering the perfect tog rating for both sets of extreme weather, you can look forward to a great night’s sleep, whatever the season. 

Breathable materials

Another feature that makes our Premier Inn duvets so comfortable is that they’re made from a breathable hollowfibre filling, which keeps the bedding soft and plump. 

This type of filling is soft and comfortable as it maintains its original conditions over time. The fibres are cleverly constructed in a way that allows air to flow through them, which not only helps keep things cosy but also stops bacteria from building up if sweat is transferred to the duvet. 

Breathable materials are also ideal for allergy sufferers – the hollow structure can be aired out thoroughly, eliminating any dust mites or dirt particles that can wreak havoc on your sleep. 

Soft and comfortable finish

Perhaps the most important factor is that the quality materials we use offer a silky-smooth finish that’s perfect for snuggling up in, no matter the weather. 

Our duvets are made from 100% Polyester, which is known for its smooth finish. Further design features such as overlocked edges, straight channel stitching, and a satin striped cover fabric enhance the duvet’s comfort.

Do Premier Inn Duvets Deteriorate When Cleaning?

If you’ve ever tried to wash a duvet, you’ll know that it’s not exactly a walk in the park! Especially if your duvet isn’t of the best quality – you’ll often end up with a flat, uninviting cover, which isn’t ideal for a comfy night’s sleep. 

Thanks to the hollowfibre filling, easy-to-clean polyester, and robust stitching we use, our Premier Inn duvets retain their comfortable, luxurious finish even when washed. This means you can keep your bedding clean and comfy without worrying about getting a duvet-shaped pancake back in return!

Wash at 40° and ensure the duvet can dry thoroughly before making up your bed again. For the best results, give it a wash on a warm day so the duvet can air-dry outside. 

You should also regularly let your duvet sit or hang without a duvet cover on between uses. This helps return the plump filling to its proper state for added comfort!

Are the Other Premier Inn Bedding Items Comfortable?

Our Premier Inn at home collection is all about comfort. From mattresses that feature posture-enhancing padding to perfectly firm pillows available in different styles, there’s something for everyone. You can even order extras such as our premium mattress protectors!

All our products are also made from breathable and easy-to-wash materials, which retain their hotel-quality finish over time. It’s one of the reasons that our collection is so popular – because we can offer hotel luxury at affordable prices! Even our Premier Inn beds are designed to enhance comfort with their sturdy structure, padded headboards, and choice of styles.

Where Can I Purchase Premier Inn Bedding Products From?

Ready to buy some hotel-quality bedding? Shop the full collection on our Premier Inn at home website! With free delivery across the UK and different payment options available, a better night’s sleep is just a few clicks away. 

From single duvets to complete product bundles, there’s something for every bedroom online. To find out more or ask any questions, click here to contact our team.

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