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How Does Premier Inn Protect Their Mattresses?

We’re experts in comfort and sleep – that’s why we take such care in protecting our mattresses to help them retain that high quality for longer. Ever wondered how you can recreate that hotel comfort at home? You’ve come to the right place! Sleep products like mattresses, mattress protectors, pillows and duvets – identical to those you know and love in our Premier Inn hotel rooms – are now available to buy and enjoy at home. 

Investing in a good, hotel-quality mattress protector is key to maintaining a comfy sleep environment for longer.

Why Is It Important to Protect Your Mattress?

From hygiene to longevity, keeping your mattress protected has numerous benefits. Our luxury Premier Inn mattress protectors have got you and your bed covered, and they’re now available to buy on the Premier Inn at home website. 

On average, we spend around 27 years in bed – that’s around a third of your life! – so it’s vital to look after your sleep environment, particularly your mattress. Night after night, you jump into bed, looking forward to a cosy night’s sleep every time – but without protecting your mattress, that same comfort you’re used to won’t last very long. 

 Here are some important reasons why you should protect your mattress using a mattress topper: 

  • A mattress is a significant investment, so looking after it with a protector can prolong its lifespan
  • Mattresses can accumulate dirt, dust and mites
  • Accidents happen, including spillages, and these can seep into the mattress and be very tricky to get out 
  • Over time, mattresses can dip, and a protector prolongs the integrity and structure of the mattress

Our Premier Inn beds are known for being super comfy – you can expect a good night’s sleep whenever you visit one of our hotels. That’s thanks in part to our luxury mattress protectors keeping our mattresses feeling like new night after night, and we want you to experience this in your own home, too. 

Why You Should Choose the Premier Inn Mattress Protector?

We want everyone to be able to experience lasting comfort from their mattress every night, just like in our hotel rooms – that’s where our mattress protectors come in. It’s also why we designed our mattress protectors do more than just protect the mattress – they’re the secret ingredient to getting a great night’s sleep

Key benefits of our mattress protectors include being easy to remove and clean, working as a protective barrier against dirt and allergens, enhancing comfort night after night, helping maintain a clean sleep environment and improving the longevity of your mattress. Plus, they’re waterproof!

Sleep Well With Our Mattress Protector

According to our sleep expert, having the perfect sleep environment is crucial to looking after our sleep wellbeing. One of the most important things you can do is give your bedroom an overhaul, creating a relaxing and soothing atmosphere to unwind in. 

Getting into a good, consistent sleep routine – waking and sleeping at the same time every day and allowing yourself time to wind down before bed – is key to giving yourself the gift of sleep. But having a consistently comfy place to fall asleep every night is just as important – that’s why our mattress protectors are so popular. 

Where to Buy a Premier Inn Mattress Protector?

You can now experience that hotel room feeling night after night from the comfort of your own home thanks to our Premier Inn sleep products. They’re the same products you’ve come to know and love from our rooms, so you can look forward to hotel comfort every night.

Shop our mattress protectors – and full range of sleep products – on our Premier Inn at home website.

Sleep Better With the Premier Inn at Home Collection

Why stop at a mattress protector when you can indulge in the whole package? At Premier Inn, we’re all about comfort you can count on and offering a great night’s sleep. Our collection provides the ultimate hotel-from-home experience with our pillows, mattresses, duvets and beds to help more people across the UK get the sleep they deserve. 

Here’s the complete Premier Inn collection to complement our famous luxury mattress protectors which can be bought separately or as part of a complete bundle

Our Premier Inn luxury bed

Our Premier Inn luxury duvet

Our Premier Inn luxury mattress

Our Premier Inn luxury pillows

How Does Premier Inn Protect Its Mattresses?

Our mattress protectors help keep our mattresses comfy and strong for longer – and now, you can buy one for your own mattress too! Recreate that luxury hotel experience at home with our Premier Inn sleep products, identical to those we use in our hotel rooms.

For more information on how to sleep well, see our sleep tips for kids and sleep tips for when you’re away or get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!