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How Many Pillows Should You Sleep With


Wondering how many pillows you should be using each night? It’s a question we get asked pretty often by hotel guests and lovers of our Premier Inn pillows. Whichever way you sleep, getting the right support from your pillows is important – not just in terms of comfort, but also when it comes to preventing injuries.

The bedding that we use in our Premier Inn hotels includes our quality pillows that we’ve designed to help guests create the perfect sleep environment. With firm and soft options, we have a range of high-quality pillows that guests and customers adore. The question is – how many should you use?

Keep reading to learn how many pillows you should sleep with and to understand why there can be such a thing as too many!

What’s the Purpose of a Pillow When Sleeping?

Finding the perfect pillow for a great night’s sleep is essential for your comfort as well as your health. Pillows are designed to keep the upper body in a good position while sleeping, alleviating pressure from the neck and back. 

Maintaining the correct posture for the body is vital – a bad posture can lead to physical pain and even long-term damage. Pillows also help keep you in a similar position throughout the night, even if you toss and turn.

Plus, let’s face it – who doesn’t love a super-comfy pillow to rest their head on at the end of a long day?

How Many Pillows Is the Ideal Amount to Sleep With?

Our Premier Inn hotel rooms offer multiple pillows so that guests have plenty of comfy options, but the right number of pillows to use each night depends on a few different factors, including how you sleep. Plus, pillows don’t have to just go under your head to be a great sleep aid – they can help position your entire body so that you remain comfortable all night long. 

For side sleepers, we recommend using one pillow underneath your head and one between your knees. This will alleviate pressure from the hips and lower back. You can use two pillows under your head if you’d rather, but we’d recommend you select a soft pillow type so that your neck incline isn’t too high.

If you like sleeping on your back or front, it’s best to use one pillow under your head to keep the spine aligned. For back sleepers, we’d also suggest having a soft pillow positioned under your knees to help the spine keep its natural curve. For front sleepers, all you’ll need is one good quality pillow to rest your head on.

When you enhance your sleep space with the right number of pillows, you’ll start to enjoy a better night’s rest. That doesn’t mean you can’t snuggle up with a bunch of pillows during the evening while you’re enjoying a tea and a book before bed though!

Does the Type of Pillow Affect Sleep Quality?

The reason our Premier Inn pillows are available in soft and firm designs is because we understand that choosing the right pillow for your sleep style is vital. The quality and firmness of your pillow will directly impact your ability to sleep – comfort is essential for ensuring the body can properly rest. If you’re in an uncomfortable position, your body won’t be able to go through the four stages of sleep, which are essential for feeling invigorated the next day!

Some other important factors about choosing the right pillow are:

  • The filling and material: Some pillows may aggravate allergies or lead to skin irritations. You should look for breathable designs that allow air to flow through and keep you cool.
  • Performance with your other bedding: Consider how well your pillows go with your mattress and other bedding in terms of materials, textures and quality.
  • Size and shape: If your pillow doesn’t fit comfortably within a pillowcase, it could cause the filling to lose its shape, which will impact your sleep position and posture.

What Are the Benefits of Sleeping with the Right Number of Pillows?

Sleeping with the right number of pillows each night offers more than just comfort. Benefits include:

Improved Posture

Using the right number of pillows can help you sleep in the right way with the right support, which reduces aches and pains and helps maintain good posture during everyday activities. 

Deeper Sleep

The key to getting enough rest is having the perfect sleep environment. Improving your pillows can enhance the quality of your sleep, and help you feel well rested. Poor sleeping conditions can lead to a lack of deep rest, which means your body misses out on that essential REM sleep stage. 

Reduced Chance of Snoring

Did you know that the right pillow can help reduce snoring? By keeping the head in the correct position, your airways are less likely to become restricted, helping to minimise or stop snoring each night!

Choose Pillows from Premier Inn at Home!

If you’re ready to invest in your rest with the best pillows for your sleeping style, you can buy our Premier Inn pillows on our website. We know how much our guests love the pillows we use, which is why we decided to make our bedding and pillows available to buy so that you can take that hotel-quality rest home with you.

By choosing the ideal firmness and quantity of pillows for your sleep style, you can look forward to a great night’s sleep every night. So, with comfy Premier Inn pillows ready to buy, what are you waiting for?

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