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How to Clean a Headboard

How to Clean a Headboard

Whether you consider cleaning a hobby or a chore, there’s always a few tidying tasks that slip through the cracks. One of these is regularly cleaning your fabric headboards!

Alongside our collection of comfy bedding and pillows, we also have a range of stylish headboards that can transform your bedroom. One of our expert tips to revitalise a bedroom is to keep your sleep space clean and tidy. This means it’s not just your pillows, duvets, protectors and mattresses that need a regular clean – your headboard needs some TLC too!

In this article, we’ll share our top tips for how you can clean a headboard and maintain a fresh bedroom. 

How Do Headboards Get Grubby?

It’s easy to forget that a headboard needs regular cleaning, but it can get dirty just like your other bedding items, meaning this lovely fabric accessory is probably harbouring some nasty bacteria!

Some of the main reasons for this are:

  • Whether you prefer your pillows soft or firm, these sleep accessories get dirty easily, hence why the covers need washing weekly. Even with regular washing though, it’s all too easy for pillow germs and dust mites to be transferred to the headboard in the night. 
  • Natural hair oils are also often transferred to headboards during sleep, leading to a build-up of dirt and moisture, which can result in mould over time!
  • Pet hair is also a common issue – cats and dogs love snuggling up against headboards. Fur and dirt can then get attached, causing it to need a deep clean.
  • Finally, as a headboard is close to a wall most of the time, it’s likely that dust can become trapped behind it.

Steps to Clean a Dirty Headboard

Cleaning a headboard is easier than you think! Simply follow these steps:

Step One: Remove any bedding from the bed, including the mattress, and brush away any loose debris. Use a handheld brush or vacuum cleaner and work from one side of the headboard to the other so that you don’t miss any spots. Repeat this process on the back of the headboard. 

Step Two: Use a targeted stain removal treatment to remove any marks. It’s important to do this before the main upholstery is clean – it helps prevent dirt from becoming embedded!

Step Three: Once loose debris and stains are removed, use an upholstery cleaner to give the entire headboard a once over. The process will depend on the cleaning product you’ve chosen, but most recommend the cleaning solution is applied with a sponge and worked in using a cloth. You should then blot away any dampness when finished.

Step Four: Once both sides of the headboard have been cleaned, leave it to dry 100% before you make the bed again. Trapping any moisture within the upholstery can cause bacteria to grow, leading to nasty odours! The best way to ensure any dampness has been removed is by keeping the windows open and letting fresh air bat away any liquid particles.

Just like that, you’ve got a clean and fresh headboard!

How Often Should You Clean a Headboard?

Keeping your bedroom clean is vital to ensuring you have a dreamy sleep space. Our Premier Inn bedding bundles can elevate your sleep experience just like our comfy beds and our sturdy headboards – but only when they’re kept sparkling clean. 

To keep your headboard fresh, you should deep clean it once a month using the steps we shared above. We also recommend giving it a vacuum and brush every week when you change your bedding to help keep it fresher for longer. 

How To Keep a Headboard Fresh Between Cleans

Some ways that you can also keep a headboard fresh between deep cleans are:

  • Allow a flow of fresh air to circulate around the bedroom as often as possible
  • Keep pillows from directly touching the headboard during the daytime
  • Try to discourage pets from rubbing against the fabric
  • Use fabric refreshing sprays and treatments
  • Quickly spot and treat any marks or stains
  • Keep a lint roller close to your bed and give the fabric a once-over every morning

Why Should You Keep a Bed Headboard Clean?

The secret to a luxurious night’s sleep is not only our Premier Inn bedding but also a clean, good quality bed and headboard. This essential piece of bedroom furniture helps to keep your pillows in the correct place, which helps with posture. Check out some of the top reasons why it’s important to keep a headboard fresh:

Extend Its Lifespan

Keeping a headboard in good condition means it’ll last longer. This means a better return on your bedroom-spending investments and improved performance over time.

Improve the Look of a Sleep Environment

One of the reasons that our Premier Inn bundles are a game changer for sleep is because they create the perfect environment for deep sleep. The feel of a room is key, and the right headboard and bedding play a big part in this – one of the reasons we all love spending time in hotels is because the bedroom is so clean and well designed! When you choose a stylish headboard and make an effort to keep it clean, every night will feel like a hotel stay.

Keep It Free From Germs or Bacteria

Nobody wants bacteria building up in their bedding. When germs get trapped in your headboard, it can be a nightmare for allergy-sufferers, and leads to nasty odours. Keeping your sleep space clean and fresh is key for your hygiene and comfort.

Are Premier Inn at Home Headboards Easy to Clean?

Our Premier Inn bedding, along with our selection of stylish headboards, are all designed to be easy to care for. Our headboards are made from durable fabrics to ensure that cleaning is simple, and that the product can stand the test of time.

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