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How Can You Buy Premier Inn Duvets?

Our Expert Sleep Tips: How to Sleep Well When You’re Away From Home

Have you recently returned from a restful stay at one of our Premier Inn hotels and want to recreate that feeling at home? We don’t blame you! One of the most sought-after sleep products we sell is our Premier Inn Luxury duvet. Lucky for you, they’re easy to get your hands on, and with fast delivery too, meaning you could have one on your bed in the next few days. 

But why stop at a duvet when you can have the whole hotel quality sleep package? The Premier Inn at Home website has the entire Premier Inn sleep collection, including duvets, the famous TikTok pillows, mattresses, mattress protectors and even luxury beds. 

Premier Inn at home

We are known for our restful rooms that people always want to return to. At Premier Inn, you’re guaranteed exceptional comfort and outstanding quality in every one of our 77,000 rooms. We ensure you have the soundest sleep in a bed you’ll want to take home, and now you can. 

Premier Inn at Home enables you to recreate that Premier Inn hotel feeling from the comfort of your own home, so you don’t need to wait for your next luxury hotel stay to experience a great night’s sleep. The products on our website are identical to the ones we use in our hotel rooms so you’ll get that ‘ah’ feeling night after night. 

Using Premier Inn sleep products is also a perfect solution for people who struggle to get to sleep whilst they’re away from home because it means when you next stay in a Premier Inn hotel, the bed and bedding will all feel familiar, like home. At Premier Inn at Home, we want to give you the gift of sleep, and we are doing that through expert sleep advice and top-quality products. 

You can buy our Premier Inn luxury duvet from the Premier Inn at Home website. 

  1. Head to the website and choose the duvet page 
  2. Select the tog you would like (4.5 or 10.5) 
  3. Choose your size (single, double, kingsize and super kingsize)
  4. Add to your basket and checkout securely
  5. Wait patiently for your duvet to arrive in 3-5 working days! 

Whilst you’re there, take a look at our other products, available to buy individually or as part of a bundle, including our luxury mattresses, our famous set of 2 pillows, mattress protectors and even luxury, hotel standard beds. 

How to Buy a Premier Inn Bundle? 

To save money and for the full set of bed accessories, you can buy the complete bundle, which includes a mattress protector, duvet and pillows. 

The famous Premier Inn duvet 

Our luxury Premier Inn duvets are super cosy and breathable. They’re soft to the touch because they’re made from a comfy blend of microfibre and hollowfibre, to give the perfect balance of breathability, warmth and comfort. Our duvets are available in a 4.5 tog or 10.5, so there’s something for all year round. 

The Premier Inn TikTok pillows

Thanks to a TikTok video, you can’t think about the Premier Inn experience without considering the pillows that went viral. Our Premier Inn luxury pillows are what everyone’s been talking about. Made from soft, low-denier hollowfibre and super-fine fibres that create a plush, down-like filling and a long-lasting bounce back, making them the perfect partner for a Premier Inn bed. 

The Premier Inn mattress protector

Much like our other sleep products, our mattress protectors are made from high-quality, durable materials, and they’re designed to improve your sleep quality. They’re waterproof to protect your mattress from stains, act as a protective barrier to prolong its life and add an extra layer of comfort for you, too. 

Suppose you’re investing time and money into revamping your sleep routine by providing yourself with a luxury hotel-feel sleep experience. In that case, you’ll need to invest in our famous mattress protectors, so you can get the most out of your Premier Inn at Home experience. 

Give yourself the gift of a great night’s sleep by reclaiming your bedroom and revamping your bed to give yourself a luxury experience night after night. Our sleep experts say there are so many things you can do to give yourself a restful sleep night after night, from getting into a good sleep routine, allowing yourself time to switch off before bed and giving yourself a bed that you look forward to crawling into every night. 

Enjoy a Premier Inn Hotel-Quality Sleep 

Truly invest in yourself with the ultimate Premier Inn experience with one of our luxury hotel standard beds and a Premier Inn luxury mattress

Premier Inn luxury beds

Build your hotel bed with our divan style or stand bed frame type. Choose a touch of peaceful elegance and sophistication with Evana, indulge in a touch of carefully crafted grace with Lilith or experience a little flair with Oriana. Our luxury Premier Inn beds help to set the tone before settling in for a restful night. 

Premier Inn luxury mattress 

Our premium mattresses are layer upon layer of heavenly comfort, including Geltex, memory and eternity layers with zoned pockets and layered fabrics for a high-quality feel. Pressure, durability, comfort, you name it, we’ve tested it because we didn’t stop until our luxury mattress passed with flying colours.  

Look After Your Sleep Wellbeing With Premier Inn at Home

Our mission is to improve Britain’s sleep habits, one duvet at a time. As well as that, we have teamed up with sleep experts to look into why we aren’t getting the 7-9 hours of essential beauty sleep we need every night. 

Understanding sleep deprivation and how it impacts your health is the beginning of looking after your sleep wellbeing. Many adults in Britain are only getting around 6 hours of good quality sleep per night, which is a minimum of 1 hour less than they should be. That equates to almost a whole night’s sleep missed per week! 

Sleep deprivation can cause:

  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Mood swings
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Slower thinking, which can lead to a lack of decision-making
  • Health and mental problems. 

Knowing how to fall asleep fast can solve the issue of tossing and turning and getting so frustrated that you can’t go to sleep. Our sleep experts suggest that you go to bed at the same time every night, avoid screens before sleep, allow yourself some downtime to switch off your mind and ensure you’re getting into a comfortable bed every night. 

Sleep routines aren’t just for children, most adults can benefit from having one too. Treat your bedtime routine as just as important as your morning routine. You wouldn’t leave for work without having your coffee so why go to bed without having given yourself the relaxing bath you need to wind down or to read that book you’ve been wanting to read but haven’t given yourself the time to? 

For more sleep advice that will help the whole family, see our expert sleep tips for kids to help them get to bed earlier and sleep for longer. 

How Can You Buy a Premier Inn Duvet?

Invest in yourself and purchase one of our luxury Premier Inn duvets from our Premier Inn at Home website.  We offer a 4.5 tog duvet that is perfect for summer or hot sleepers all year round. We also offer a 10.5 tog duvet that is ideal for winter or for people who naturally get cold easily throughout the year. 

Whilst you’re there, indulge in our other offering and create the perfect hotel-at-home feel so you can get a restful night’s sleep every single night and wake up in the morning feeling like a new person. 

Contact us if you have any questions about our products, and we will happily assist you. 

We hope you get some well-deserved ZZZZs tonight and every night after that.