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How Often Should You Wash Your Bedding

How Often Should You Wash Your Bedding

Is there anything better than jumping into a bed with clean sheets, plump pillows and a cosy duvet? Our Premier Inn at Home bedding is key to a luxurious night’s sleep, but keeping everything clean and fresh is crucial. Having a clean bed to get into helps your relax further, which is essential for creating a dreamy sleep environment.

So – how often should bedding be washed? As with clothes and other household fabrics, a regular wash cycle is essential to keeping things fresh. As bedding items are bulky, it’s not something you want to do regularly though.

In this article, we’ll share our expert advice on how often to wash bedding – and how to make it easier!

How Frequently Should You Wash Bedding Products?

As we have bedding to keep clean and fresh across 800+ hotel rooms, we designed our Premier Inn hotel bedding for ease of cleaning, with features such as breathable designs and durable fabrics.

Each bedding item requires its own care and attention, so it’s important to create a cleaning cycle that you can stick to. We’ve outlined a suggested cleaning schedule below, but feel free to clean more frequently when needed – anything from fake tan on sheets to sweat on a warm summer’s evening should be removed asap!

To keep on top of cleaning your bedding, follow these recommendations:

Weekly – Bed sheets, covers, pillow cases and protectors, and these should be washed as per the care instructions on your bedding set

Monthly – Mattress, as monthly spot cleaning is recommended. You should also leave the mattress to air between sheet changes as this allows any moisture or odours to be removed using a natural flow of fresh air

Twice per year – Duvet and pillows, to keep these bulkier items in a plump condition. Spot cleaning and leaving the items in an air flow between sheet changes is also important

How to Keep Bedding Fresh Between Washes

How Often Should You Wash Your Bedding

Keeping your bedding clean doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve got some handy tips on how to make washing your bedding easier, and how to keep everything fresh between washes.

  • Always let the bedding air out before making the bed with fresh sheets. You’d be amazed at the difference a bit of fresh air can make, from removing odours to making bedding plump again.
  • If you wear make-up, make sure you’ve taken it all off before getting into bed. Hopping under the covers with a full face of make-up on is an easy mistake to make, but what takes a few minutes to cleanse from your skin could result in over an hour’s worth of bedding laundry to do!
  • Keep some spot-cleaning products close at hand so you can magic any marks away. This keeps things clean and stops dirt from becoming embedded within the fabric, which can be tougher to treat.
  • Use a protective blanket or additional sheet during the daytime if you’re wary of little paws hopping on and off the bed. This means your pets can still go wandering but bedding is kept free from unwanted mess. 

Can Choosing the Right Bedding Help to Keep Items Fresher for Longer?

Yes, just like the bedding that we use and sell at Premier Inn! We’ve made it our mission to improve sleeping conditions for everyone, so the pillows and bedding that we supply have been carefully designed to improve factors such as airflow and ease of fabric cleaning. 

And don’t forget, as well as choosing the right pillow for your sleep style, you must also consider the best ways to clean them.

How Does Premier Inn at Home Bedding Make Washing Bedding Easier?

There are many reasons why our Premier Inn bundles are a game changer, and some of the main ones include how easy it is to keep our bedding clean and fresh.

Machine Washable and Wipe Clean Bedding

All of our pillows, duvets, and protectors are machine washable at 40 degrees, making it easy to care for your bedding at home. This means you don’t have to worry about visiting a professional laundry service (unless you want to!). You’ll often need to wash items alone as traditional at-home washing machines tend to have a maximum capacity of between 6 and 10kg. However, you can then use an eco-wash to decrease processing time. It’s as simple as that!

Hollow and Microfibre Fillings

One of the reasons that you can achieve all year round comfort with our duvets and other bedding items is because of the fillings we use. By selecting both hollow and microfibre wadding, we ensure that our bedding remains fresher for longer. This is because the items are made to be breathable, preventing germs and bacteria from building up. 

This breathability also helps to regulate your body temperature when sleeping, meaning less chance of sweat seeping into your bedding. This is another reason why our Premier Inn duvets are fantastic to use in the summer!

Durable Construction

Lastly, all of our bedding accessories are made to last – durable materials and no loose stitching!

The strength of our designs means that they can be washed with less risk of damage. Plus, features such as our quilted surface on mattress protectors stop dirt from affecting the bedding, keeping things fresher for longer Fabrics such as 100% polyester and cotton both allow for ease of cleaning too!

What Bedding Is Available From Premier Inn at Home?

Now you know about regularly washing your bedding to recreate the Premier Inn experience at home, check out our comfy pillows, duvets, mattress protectors and mattresses as well as our complete product bundles. All items are easy to care for, are hotel quality and will help you enjoy a great night’s sleep every night.

Find out what duvets Premier Inn uses and how to choose the perfect pillow for a great night’s sleep  before shopping our collection!