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How To Put on a Duvet Cover

Making the bed can be pretty annoying sometimes, especially when it comes to changing duvet covers. From finding the right corners to battling against the fabric, putting a clean duvet cover on can be frustrating. The good news is that we’re about to make cleaning day a little easier! Here, we’ll share our expert tips for putting on a duvet cover with ease, bringing you one step closer to achieving the Premier Inn bed experience at home.

One of the reasons that people tend to sleep well away from home is because the beds and duvets are already perfectly made up by housekeeping professionals. So in this article, we’ll share some of the best bed-making methods and explain all about what bedding we use in our Premier Inn hotels.

Why Is It Important to Use Duvet Covers?

Using high-quality bedding and covers is one of our top expert tips for falling asleep fast – good quality bedding and a well-made bed are key to a comfy night’s sleep. Duvets feature stitching lines and panels which, without a duvet cover over the top, could lead to irritation during the night. 

A cover is also essential for keeping the duvet itself in great condition, protecting against sweat, bodily oils and make-up and keeping the bed more hygienic. That’s why we recommend that you change your bed sheets weekly to reduce the chance of any unwanted germs seeping through covers into the duvet itself. 

If you think your sleep routine is due an MOT, you might also want to pay attention to the kind of bed covers you choose. Temperature is an important factor in determining how well you sleep, which bedding directly impacts.1 With good quality bed covers, you can enjoy ventilation and insulation at the same time. Plus, if you have pets sitting on your bed during the day, duvet covers are a great way to add an extra barrier that can keep duvets clean and further protect your mattress.

Different Ways of Putting on a Duvet Cover

A well-made bed can really optimise your sleep environment, so let’s get started. Here are the two best methods of putting a duvet cover on. 

Traditional Method

This method is the most popular and mimics the way that most people would tackle the task intuitively. To add a duvet cover using the traditional method, simply follow these steps:

Step One – Ensure the bed is free from any pillows, and lay the duvet cover flat across the top. Be sure to lay it the right way.

Step Two – Grab your chosen duvet cover and turn it inside out, then lay the cover on top of the duvet, mimicking how it would fit when covered. 

Step Three – Place your hands inside the cover and work your way up to grab the top corners. Then grab onto the duvet through the cover and lift it up.

Step Four – Continue to lift up the duvet and shake it so that the cover slides down. To ensure the duvet is in the right position, adjust as you go but keep hold of the cover at all times. 

Step Five – Work your way down the duvet until everything is covered and aligned. Then seal up the cover using the ties, buttons or zip. 

Step Six – All that’s left to do is fluff the covered duvet, lay it on your bed and enjoy!

California Roll Method

Alternatively, give the popular California roll method a go by following these steps:

Step One – Start by turning your duvet cover inside out and laying it flat on the bed. Ensure the opening is at the foot of the bed.

Step Two – Now lay your duvet on top of the cover and match up the corners perfectly. 

Step Three – Grab the edge of the opposite side of the duvet cover and begin to roll tightly like a burrito!

Step Four – Once it’s all wrapped up in a cylinder shape, grab the end of the roll and open the cover at the button end.

Step Five – Now start to stuff the duvet into the cover by slowly turning your bedding burrito inside out. As you work down the roll, you start to see your duvet getting covered.

Step Six – Seal up the bottom of the bedding and unroll the duvet. By giving it a good shake, the duvet will straighten out, allowing it to fill out evenly. 

Step Seven – Fluff the duvet and cover your bed. Then it’s ready to use!

Does the Duvet Affect How Easy It Is to Put a Cover On?

As long as you’ve got the right size cover for your duvet, changing this bit of bedding using one of these methods should be pretty easy. Usually, you’ll only experience issues making up a bed if the duvet is in serious need of replacement – it’ll lose plumpness and become heavy. If your duvet is plump and in good condition, changing the cover should be a breeze!

What Duvets Are Available From Premier Inn at Home?

Duvet Cover

Fancy recreating the Premier Inn bedding experience at home? You’re in luck! The same bedding you know and love from our hotel rooms is available to buy for your home.

The duvets that we use in our Premier Inn hotels are designed to be long-lasting, comfortable, and easy to care for. Our duvets comes in a range of sizes, ideal for any bed, and if you’ve ever wondered if Premier Inn duvets are good for the summer or winter, you’ll be pleased to know that they also come in a range of togs to suit each season. Changing the covers on our duvets is also easier thanks to the product’s tough overlocked edges, satin strip cover fabric and straight channel stitching.

We’re passionate about providing comfy, quality bedding that’s easy to care for to help you get a better night’s sleep. Whether you choose the traditional method or the California process, changing your duvet covers has never been easier thanks to our quality products.

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