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What Thread Count Does Premier Inn Use

Is there anything like a soft and cosy bed to relax in at the end of the day? We think not!

Bedding is an important accessory for a great night’s sleep. At Premier Inn at Home, we use only the finest bedding so that you can look forward to a dreamy night’s rest every time you dive into bed. Our bedding bundles are a game changer – not only are they affordable, easy to get hold of and long-lasting, but we’ve also designed them to feature high-quality thread counts. The soft finish and cloud-like designs will have you hitting snooze every morning! 

Keep reading to learn what thread counts we use and why these are ideal for restful sleep.

What Is Thread Count?

Before jumping in, let’s explain what a thread count means. You’ve probably heard the phrase a lot, but not the definition. Choosing items with a high thread count is key, and buying our quality products can help you recreate the Premier Inn bedding experience at home!

Thread count is the measure of how many fibres are woven into one square inch of fabric. By counting the individual threads, you can tell a lot about the quality and durability of an item. Our goal is always to provide guests with a great night’s rest, so it’s no surprise that thread count is a key design factor for our products. 

The more threads in a bedding item, the better the quality. When creating our own bedding, we wanted to find a balance between high thread count and affordability.

Why Is Thread Count for Bedding Important?

What Thread Count Does Premier Inn Use

Choosing the ideal thread count for bedding is important because it has a direct impact on your quality of sleep. 

If threads are too high, breathability is reduced, and if threads are too low, durability is impacted. To ensure that bedding is comfortable and durable, getting the thread count just right is vital. 

We’ve found the perfect balance of thread counts in our Premier Inn Bedding Bundles. Breathable, comfortable and easy to maintain!

Which Thread Count Is Premier Inn Bedding Made From?

Why is Premier Inn bedding the key to a restful night’s sleep? It’s simple! Everything has been designed with your comfort in mind.

Our mattress protectors are made from 180 thread counts. This ensures that they are fully breathable, which not only maintains the condition of the mattress but also ensures that any moisture can be quickly removed. It’s normal to sweat during sleep, especially in the summer, so using a protector with a high thread count is a brilliant way to reduce any chance of damage. They also help keep odours to a minimum!

Our Premier Inn duvets offer a luxurious thread count of 220, making them perfect for any time of year. No more being chilly in the winter or melting in the summer! The high 20 thread count means our duvets can offer a protective feel without restricting you. Heat is kept in the bed in the colder months – which should help a little with the heating bill – while the breathable design also means that you can feel supported in bed without being overwhelmed in the summer. Plus, the improved airflow and protection in the interior wadding helps to keep things fresher for longer. No more flat duvets or mattresses; our quality thread count means that your bedding will be plump!

Why Does Premier Inn Use High Quality Thread Counts for Bedding?

Find out more about why our choice of thread counts and bedding designs will help you get a great night’s sleep every night.

Enhanced comfort

Sheets with higher thread counts keep their shape for much longer, which means that they’ll still feel luxurious after being washed and dried. The inner materials are also protected from dirt and moisture, meaning they remain fluffy instead of becoming compressed. This is just one of many reasons why you can achieve ultimate comfort with our Premier Inn bedding collection.

Long lasting 

We know it can sometimes be hard to justify spending money on a new bedding set. But think of it as an investment into your sleep and wellbeing.

When you buy bedding with a high thread count, not only will the products last longer, but they’ll stay in great condition for longer too!

More absorbent

Bedding with a higher thread count is also more absorbent. Moisture that seeps into the lining of a duvet or mattress can lead to a harder finish, plus some unwanted odours. But the increased number of threads provide more of a surface area for any moisture to become trapped in, which prevents it from reaching harder to dry areas. Items can then be machine-washed and air dried for a fresh finish.

We can’t promise a high thread count will protect your bedding if you spill a cup of coffee on your bed, but it’ll protect against any dampness that occurs during the night!

Premier Inn at Home Products With a High Quality Thread Count

Our bedding bundles can elevate your sleep experience thanks to their high thread counts and comfy designs. Alongside our popular duvets and mattress protectors, you can also choose between firm or soft pillows. Other benefits include getting to enjoy the same kind of super-comfy bedding that we use in our Premier Inn hotels and gaining all-year-round solutions for every season. What more could you want?

The value that we offer within our exclusive bedding bundles is thanks in part to our high thread counts, which ensure anyone can bring hotel luxury home with them. Treat your bedroom to our comfy, practical and durable bedding and pillows.

Enjoy a hotel-quality sleep every evening when you choose high-thread count bedding from Premier Inn at Home!